Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day 14 Pics: Fat Loss Circuit Training Part 2

Day 14 of 84

Status - Round 2: Phase 1: Day 2


Today I did part 2 of my "Fat Loss Circuit Training" with alternating (jump) sets. The focus was on thighs (Squats), shoulders (Dumbell press), triceps (Pushdowns) and quadriceps (Lunges).

I also continued the 40 seconds of cardio (skipping) in between sets to maximize my heart rate for fat loss. Even though training for 45 minutes without a break sounds tough the skipping portion becomes much easier as your fitness level increases. For me it has happenned quite quickly, to a point now where my last skipping interval is just a sstrong as my first.

Time for me to hit the sack,

See you tomorrow.

Peace, AJ

P.S. Here are Day 14 pics for November 21, 2006

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