Friday, May 04, 2007

Day 177: Its Official! I Am A Certified Personal Trainer


As you can probably tell I am a firm believer in using pictures as evidence of what I'm all about, hence the pictures I take daily while on physique transformation missions.

Well here's a picture that took me 5 long years to get, my personal trainer certification! That's right, I procrastinated for 5 years (and spent a lot of money on multiple courses) before finally gritting my teeth and getting the job done.

Here is the certificate.

Actually, you may have noticed an extra 8 letters, NESTA-CPT after my name on the cover of Maximize Surge that I released yesterday. What a great feeling it is to be officially qualified in a field that you are truly passionate about.

Now that I have got my personal trainer qualifications I have also introduced a Bonus Support Zone for each of the books I recommend on this blog: Metabolic Surge (fat loss training), Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (fat burning nutrition) and Flatten Your Abs (abdominal training).

My Fat Loss Mentors: Download Link

Download My Fat Loss Mentors Report which delves into my personal experience with each mentor in greater detail.

This report is in the Adobe PDF® format, which means you can read it on a Windows® PC or an Apple Macintosh®. If you do not have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer please go to


P.S. By the way Mission 3 has sadly been postponed until Day 230 for reasons I will explain in a later post.


Hecate said...

Congratulations! :D :D

Adam Waters said...

Thank you!