Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Day 216: I'm Baaack! M3 Daily Posting Starts Now!


The hour is almost nigh! After a well-deserved break from daily posting (146 days straight during M1 & M2) I am now officially back...with a vengeance!

I will be posting daily during the next two weeks as I countdown to the start of Mission 3 (M3). As you can see from the header graphic M3 is a muscle gain mission that will go for 135 days finishing on November 8, 2007.

This date is very important to me because it is the one-year anniversary of my current physique transformation journey. I am extremely motivated to demonstrate meaningful progress by the end of M3 and hopefully inspire others of what can be achieved over a one year time-span.

During the next 14 days I will discuss in great detail the specifics of the muscle gain program I have chosen to follow for the whole of M3. As is my custom I will not reveal (or recommend) the program I am following until I gain positive results that are specific and measureable.

This is consistent with the approach I took during Mission 1 when I did not reveal the exact program (Metabolic Surge) I had been following until Day 75 of 84. However, what I can reveal is that I did purchase and study multiple "muscle gain" programs before I settled on the ideal one for my current situation.

For the next 14 days I will embark on one full program cycle (14 days) with the intention of setting benchmarks and parameters for optimal rep counts, rest periods and weight increments. This way I will be ready to go "full-on" when I hit the "Go Button" for M3 on Day 230.

Day 216 Training: Today I hit chest with barbell bench press and back with barbell deadlifts. These are known as "compound exercises" and tend to work more than just the target muscle group. As a consequence they are ideal for building your "core".

I completed 5 sets of 5 reps for both chest and back, with 5 minutes rest in between. I was happy with the weight I lifted for bench press (just below my own bodyweight) and I actually increased the weight on deadlifts as I progressed through the sets.

There is so much more to discuss regarding the process of gaining muscle as opposed to losing fat so be sure to tune in daily as I reveal more of the program as I progress.

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!


P.S. If you thought taking daily pictures during Mission 1 and 2 was "extreme" just wait till you see the accountability structure I have designed for Mission 3!


Locoguy2000 said...

Did you rest 5 mins between each set?

Adam Waters said...

Yeah mate, 5 mins rest between each set.

Locoguy2000 said...

sounds like a lot of time...

Anonymous said...

Dear Adam,
Hi, first of all, congratulations !!! what you´ve done, is incredible, and inspiring...I´m from Argentina, and unfurtunally I´can´t buy the book (the problem of international accounts). do you have any link where I can download the book Metabolic Surge ? My email is ignacioricart@hotmail.com
Thanks a lot, and best regards