Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day 169 Video: Why I Had To Postpone Mission 3

I strained my wrist yesterday attempting an ill-fated right hook against a punching bag in my gym.

Actually, this is the second time this has happenned as I broke my thumb last year doing the same thing!


Anonymous said...

Hey Adam,

Great blog! I found ya on YouTUBE!

I'm on my first mission also :)

I used to be fit, then I let myself go. I've been

blogging about it on

Want to personally invite you join my and fiance's

BlogRoll at:


JP Richards

Anonymous said...

Adam, I must say I miss your daily posts. Sorry about the wrist. I hope that it heals quickly so you can get on with your M3. I will be "officially" starting my metabolic surge program on monday, april 30. I think I finally have the diet part figured out(which is the hard part for me). I have also been building up myself mentally. So I'll be posting on my blog soon. Thanks again for the inspiration.

Adam Waters said...

Hi JP,

I checked out your blog and your 30 day results are impressive. Are you exercising at all? Is it only a cleanse diet?


Adam Waters said...

Hi Suzette, Thanks for your kind comment. Glad to hear you are giving "Surge" a shot. The nutrition plan is quite strict but I think it is neccassry to make a rapid change.