Thursday, March 08, 2007

Day 120: Smacked In The Face By A Medicine Ball!


Boy that hurt! Here's the set-up. I was about to do decline abs while catching a throwing a 5 kg medicine ball back to my training partner.

The only problem was he threw the ball when I wasn't ready so I copped the full brunt of the medicine ball in my face!Check it out.

I was totally stunned. I haven't been hit in the face since 4th grade primary school. The ball landed right on the bridge of my nose leaving a small bruise. The impact also jarred the glasses I was wearing right off my face and bent them at 45 degrees.

The good news is that my nose didn't break. That would have really sucked, especially at this crucial point in Mission 2. I also got my glasses fixed so no dramas there either.

I think that was karma returning to me. This is because I did the same thing to another guy last year. I chest passed the medicine ball when he wasn't ready and he copped it real hard.

Anyway, I still managed to get my Hybrid Cardio done. I did a 30 minute skipping/boxing combo. I got out a personal best on skipping, 20 double jumps in a row! Very happy with my progress.

In the evning I went back to the gym for a hardcore dose of Lactic Acid Training Part 1. I hit my chest, back, biceps and calves. I hit personal bests for every single body part! I upped the increment by 1 plate on each exercise and smashed through the pain barrier.

This is what it's all about. Constantly hitting new targets by going beyond your previous best. No matter what format your exercise is, whether it be cardio or weight training.

Like I have said before...if you don't make gains every single day then when are you going to make them?


Here are Day 120 - Mission 2 Day 30 pics for March 8, 2007.


Anonymous said...

Six pack! I can totally see it today. You are so going to Phuket!!! Yay. Shirley

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Shirley, You can be my official judge on whether I can go to Phuket or not!


Diane said...

Adam: Your smile is so contagious! How could anyone look at that face and not join in with a smile :-) of their own? Thanks for setting the bar, and making a practical statement that whatever your fitness goals are, they are attainable. You look real, real, real, awesome - keep moving my cyber friend!

Anonymous said...

Great stuf Adam
You can finally see the separation
in the lower abbs


Adam Waters said...

Thank you very much Diane and Jason. You have made awesome progress yourself Diane, I can't wait to see your 'after pics'.


P.S Check out DD's Blog in my blog roll.