Thursday, June 28, 2007

Day 232: It's Official...I Was Delusional!


Back on Day 230 I posted my M3 Goals & Accountability Statement. I'm here to say that I was delusional in my estimates!

Let me back up a little, two weeks ago I took a bodyfat test at my local gym here in Osaka on one of those handheld bodyfat testers.
The result came back at 10% bodyfat, carrying 8 kg's of fat on my 80 kg frame.

I was happy to be 10% as I suspected I would be much higher, like in the 13-15% range. I then used this 10% figure to base my original M3 Goals statement/graphic.

I stated that I was currently 10% bodyfat with the goal of getting to 4% bodyfat (with a shredded six-pack) by Day 290 which is the end of Phase 1.

However, in the last couple of days I began to have my suspicions! I compared my current physique to the last time I was at 10%. This just so happenned to be my Day 84 picture at the end of Mission 1 (pictured below).
I believe this figure to be accurate because I had this test done at a "BodPod" which is a very advanced testing procedure that has a reputation for being close to the mark.

I realized almost immediately that I was deluding myself by thinking that I was currently 10% when I compare myself to that picture. So tonight I got myself tested on two different machines (that are more advanced) and they gave me a combined average of 13%.

To be honest I am still not 100% sure that even this figure is correct. I could actually be as high as 15% right now but at least it gives me a more realistic figure to base my estimates and goals on.

Due to this revelation I have updated my Phase 1 Goals with new bodyfat/fat weight targets as you can see in the above graphic.

However, the fundamental equation does not change, i.e; lose 5 kg's of fat in the next 60 days - while maintaining lean body mass.

Losing those 5 kg's requires high intensity training and dieting which I am happy to report I adhered to today. I again followed my action plan with 100% compliance.

Below are Day 232 pics for June 28, 2007


Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Adam, just wanted to say well done mate, you are starting to look like one of the actor's out of the movie '300 Spartans'
Keep it up!!!!!