Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 252: Thank You


Yesterday I got choked up. Your comments and messages of support truly overwhelmed me.

Just when I was starting to question myself, this blog and "those videos" I am now re-inspired and re-invigorated to continue this journey for as long as possible.

When I started this journey on November 8, 2006 I honestly had no idea where it would lead me. As I have said many times before no-one but me knew that this blog existed for the first 42 days.

Of course, I was extremely determined and somewhat confident that I could turn my life around, but predicting future success with absolute certainty is something I didn't do.

I just focused on getting through each day and holding myself accountable (to myself) by posting daily pictures and progress reports.

Even though it has been 210 days since my first visitor to this blog it is still very surreal to have people following and supporting me now.

I can honestly say that the best part of this whole experience has been the friendships I have made with you and the friendships you have made with each other.

As Jeff McBride said so eloquently yesterday, we have all re-discovered the fire within ourselves to make a difference not only in our own lives but other people's lives as well.

We have collectively pierced through the negativity, the skepticism and the cynicism that seems to permeate throughout the Internet and re-connected with what it means to be human.

I believe we are all participating in a "real-time mastermind group" and as a result we are all feeling and responding to each other's positive energy.

I believe that this cycle of positive energy is extremely powerful as it is a universal principle that transcends the Internet and reaches out into the ether.

This may sound dramatic, but I was so touched by the comments to yesterday's post that I wanted to speak from the heart and let you guys know how much that meant to me.

On a final note, I sincerely believe that the comments you make and the energy you send out to the universe reflect more about you than it does about me.

It is my honor and privilege to publish yesterday's comments below.



Dylan said...

Adam, I stumbled on your blog recently and read the entire thing in one go. I'm in Japan, too, and on June 1st of this year I started my own journey towards fitness.

I'm interested in Bod Pod for body fat measurements. Do you still recommend it? And if so, where exactly did you have it performed/how much did it cost? Thanks.

hazwan said...

u look dashing in those!

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Wow! You look great. You deserve a party. How symbolic too! You're going to a "Sayonara Party" immediately after saying Sayonara in this blog to all that drama. It is amazing how the Universe doles out exactly what is needed as we need it.:)

Jeff McBride said...

Adam, you originally posted photos to hold yourself accountable. It worked. How many people did it take to keep the positive pressure on you? You strike me as a guy that would give your all even if there was only one other person expecting great things from you.

You have that person.

Those of us who believe in you have come to believe in ourselves. We respect you for your tireless efforts and your courageous postings. We adore you for your honesty and how you encourage us. I read your blog because of how it makes me feel- Inspired, confident, and ready to take massive action. We believe in you, Adam, because you rekindle the long slumbering faith that we can do the great things we dream of. If you hid your site away in the most obscure corner of the web, we, your friends, would find you and we would encourage you and we would continue to be energized by your journey.

Don't be shackled by the groping hands of mediocrity. Stay here in the high clear air where you have brought us. Breathe deep of our energy and gratitude and know that if you ever feel down, merely look up and see our outstretched hands.

Jeff McAdamfan

Jamie said...

Adam, the last couple of days have been a real test for you mate, don't let it get you down.

Suzette said...

Jeff your post was awesome and truly emulates the feelings we "followers" of Adam have. I believe the greater the trials we have the greater the victory will be. If you never started this online journey you would have never "met" so many awesome and supportive people. We believe in you and will be here to cheer you and each other on!
By the way, you look awesome in clothes! ;)

Anonymous said...

I would like to second motion Jeff's comments.... keep the awesome work!!


Anonymous said...

i would like to third what Jeff said! wow, i could not have said it better. Adam is simply an inspiration, and partly becuase he is a real, raw,passionate, feeling person. we are behind 100% Adam so always remember us - the 'silent majority'.
BTW, lookin' good in clothes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

I don't normally "comment" this much, but now really does feel like the time to give back.

Once again.... thank you, and your tenacity for giving me the energy to put back into my own fitness regime.

From the first time you personally replied to an email, to the daily posts that you can really empathise with, & Adam Waters have been nothing but an inspiration to myself and numerous other regular posters I see popping up here.

Gotta keep focusing on my "PRW" (as I have now catchily shortened it to) and following your progress, and my mission will succeed!!

Thanks again Adam, for all the time and effort you put in.


James, Leeds, UK

P.S Hi Dylan, in reagrds to your question about the BodPod I recommend it and I had it done in Osaka at a cost of ¥1,500. I hope this helps.

P.S.S. Below are Day 252 pics for July 18, 2007: Mission 3 - Phase 1, Day 23 of 60

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