Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day 95 Video: M2 Fat Loss Goal & The Power Of Visualization


I'll make this real quick. This video explains my Mission 2 goals and why (and how) I use visualization to reach my dreams. I also talk about why I 'lost the plot' for 6 days after my first fat loss mission. Cheers, Adam


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

Another fantastic and interesting video! Interesting to see you say you 'lost the plot' for 6 days.'

Do you think this mainly because of the strict diet regime you adhered to for the last 24 days of M1? And if so how will you combat that this time?
I'm particularly interested in your thoughts on this as rich foods has always been my downfall!

Thanks, Kelly.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Kelly,

I should really have elaborated a little more about me 'losing the plot'. Over the 6 days I had 4 cheat meals which is not too bad compared to my 'previous life'.

However, in the context of the previous 24 days it was a lot. You can actually see the effects in my M2 Day 1 picture. I guess the main thing is psychologiocal and not 'beating yourself up'.

I have first hand experience of what those kind of emotions can do to you as I spent 6 years in that zone when I burnt out after my 2000 challenge.

Thats why I have decided to make M2 a little shorter (46 days) with a free meal every 12th day. This is the zone where I feel most comfortable now.

I trust this helps.