Thursday, May 03, 2007

Day 176: Special Announcement - Maximize Surge Bonus Pack Goes Live

In a hurry? Watch the Shortcut Video below to learn more about Metabolic Surge and the Maximize Surge Bonus Pack or scroll down this page to read my original Day 75 post.

N.B. The Metabolic Surge Order Link and the ClickBank Maximize Surge Bonus Box (referred to in this video) is at the bottom of this page.


After 136 days of real world experience (see Mission 1 & 2) using the Metabolic Surge fat loss training program AND 100 hours of content building, designing and testing (with real people) I am pleased to announce that my Maximize Surge: Membership Course is now ready for prime time!

Maximize Surge is designed for people who want maximum results in minimum time for their physique transformation goals. This is the official RTP companion course to Metabolic Surge by Nick Nilsson (the fat loss training system I successfully used throughout Mission 1 and 2).

Maximize Surge consists of 3 major components:

1) The First 36 Days: Fast Start Guide
Details: Downloadable PDF (77 Pages)

The core of your Maximize Surge bonus pack is a real-time account of my first 36 days on Surge called The First 36 Days (the core of Surge is three 12 days cycles equalling 36 days).

What you'll find here is the absolute truth of what it really takes in the early stages to get off to a flying start on your physique transformation journey. I held nothing back, this is the complete uncensored, unedited account of those first 36 days.

2) Metabolic Surge Exercise Guide
Details: Downloadable PDF (25 Pages)

The second component is the Surge Exercise Guide. This eBook contains color photos and exercise descriptions of all major bodypart exercises I personally used on Surge throughout Mission 1 & 2.

To be exact there are 58 different exercises listed in this guide covering 8 body parts: chest, back, quadriceps, hamstrings, shoulders, biceps, triceps and calves.

I made this because Surge does not have exercise photos in the official book.

3) Surge Support
Details: Online Question Submission Form and Answer Archive.

The third major component is Surge Support. You get access to a private members only online Surge Support community to ask your most burning questions about how to integrate Metabolic Surge in to your routine. That's right, real-world advice from a guy (me) who has actually done it successfully. You'll also get access to the answer archive from previous questions asked by fellow Maximize Surge Members.

N.B. There are also many more "surprise" bonuses that you get once you sign up. You will get instant access to The First 36 Days and the Surge Exercise Guide. The additional bonuses are delivered through email notification, so as not to overwhelm you at the beginning.

In order to qualify for Maximize Surge order Metabolic Surge from this link and then enter your ClickBank Order Number after clicking on the "bonus delivery link" in the special box below.

Important: I advise you to learn more about my detailed experience with Metabolic Surge and Nick Nilsson before ordering if you haven't done so already. Click here for my Day 75 post to learn more.

Maximize Surge Bonus Delivery Box

To get access your Maximize Surge: Membership Course immediately after ordering Metabolic Surge, go right to my Bonus Delivery page. Enter your ClickBank Receipt number (from your order confirmation email) to verify your purchase, and you will get immediate access to your bonuses via password and email notification!

This bonus offer comes directly from Adam Waters RTP, not from ClickBank or from the publisher of Metabolic Surge. ClickBank will not honor any refund requests that are based on non-delivery, quality, or functionality of the bonus materials. If you have any questions or problems about the bonus, do not contact ClickBank or the product publisher. Click here for bonus contact information.

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