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Day 81 Pics: Mentor Series - Michael Prichard and Massive Action!

Day 81 of 84

Status: Round 8: Phase 3: Day 2

Here are Day 81 pics for January 28, 2007


Is that a 5 pack I see? Hmmm...looks like it! 3 more days to go to get my sixer!

I am shredding as hard and as fast as I can in these final few days before my self-imposed deadline of January 31, 2007.
This morning I did HIIT cardio and ab training. I have a new twist on HIIT cardio that works great. One day I'll tell you all about it.

My abs are so strong now that I'm gonna need to integrate actual weight plates into my routine. Exercises I could do only 15 reps of a few weeks ago are now up to 25 reps.

I have to employ "progressive overload" on my abs to get them to continue their progression. Remember, as Tom Venuto says "there is no such thing as maintenance." This means you are always either moving forwards or backwards. There is no such thing as standing still. This is true for all things in nature AND us.

By the way, take a look at Tom to the left. Do you think he knows what he's talking about?

I am also sticking 100% to the "eat clean for the last 24 days" pact I made with myself back on Day 60. I still have no cravings for anything other than a tuna salad! Trust me, once you get "in the zone" the pleasure of being lean far outweighs any pleasure you get from junk food.

I am so looking forward to my 33rd birthday! Its going to be a great, I'm not going to go out and get drunk, I'm going to celebrate it right here with you guys who kindly followed my journey! I have planned a couple of cool things, just wait, you'll see.

Well, onto today's topic. I will talk about my very good friend and success mentor, Michael Prichard. In order for me to talk about Michael there is one other guy I must mention right off the bat. He is Jeff.

I could write a book about my experiences with these two guys, but if I did a lot of people would probably think it was fiction! The stories are so outrageous that would make your head spin.

Here's the problem I have. You see I haven't talked to Jeff for over 6 years. I don't even know where he is right now. The last time Jeff and I communicated it ended in a sour note.

There were a lot of things that went down during those days. But Jeff if you ever read these words I want you to know that I totally respect you man, from the bottom of my heart.

Michael and Jeff taught me everything I know about the most important factor of achieving your goals, that is taking MASSIVE ACTION. Both these guys live life "on the edge", they are always planning their next move, which is 10 steps ahead of everyone else!

Here's a story. Back in 1998 we were in direct marketing promoting health supplements and Michael wanted to bring out a "heavy hitter" from Los Angeles. The guy he brought out was not only "top dog" in the company but also a New York Times No.1 best-selling author on real estate investment with a net worth in the 9 figures.

So what Michael does is fly to L.A and convince this guy to come out in Melbourne and give a seminar on wealth our house! Me, Michael and Jeff saved our pennies to fly him out, put him up at a 6-star hotel, hold the seminar and market the seminar.

When the "top dog" came out he was under the impression he would be doing one meeting for the whole day. Well, Jeff had other plans! Jeff said "What's going to happen today is that you are going to do six 1-hour meetings back-to-back with a half-hour rest period in between each one"!

How's that! You see Jeff is a very unique character, he has such a strong force of personality that he can get away with things like that. Jeff also thinks big, REAL BIG!

Early in 2000, the three of us had a little internet venture going that landed us on the front page of business section of the Herald Sun on March 10, 2000.

One day I said to Jeff, "Hey man, what are you going to do with the millions we get when we IPO this company?" Without hesitation Jeff says back, "Adam, you are thinking too small, I've told you its BILLIONS not millions"

After I agreed I had "mis-spoken" I said "When we've got millions, I'm going to hire a coach and learn how to play golf then turn pro", Jeff said "Adam, you don't just turn pro, you gotta go No.1 in the world, Tiger woods won't even see you coming!"

Anyway, back to Michael. Even though we haven't spoken for a while Michael and I still stay in touch regularly. During my "dark years" Michael would always call up and encourage me to follow my dreams and live life to its fullest. I'll always remember those times we spoke and be forever grateful.

You see, Michael didn't have to do that. We no longer had a business realtionship and Michael was already super-successful himself in real estate investment, gym ownership, direct marketing and web design.

In fact you can check out Michael at at his very cool website. Here is the direct link: (Opens a new window). That's Michael below.

Michael Prichard is the epitome of taking massive action. He never does anything by half-measures, its all or nothing, go hard or go home!

For example, when Michael wants to contact one of his success mentors he doesn't just send them an email...he'll fly to them! Las Vegas, New York or Iceland, it doesn't matter where they are.

I could go on and on about my experiences with Michael and Jeff but I have to go to bed now.

Here's the point. Setting goals is a great start but you must couple that with massive action. This is what I did 81 days ago.

If you are struggling with fat loss yourself (like I was for 6 years) just grit your teeth and take massive action on your goals.

You may even shock yourself at the results you get!

Peace, AJ

Eat Clean,
Shred hard,
Think Big!

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