Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day 139: Stranded In Bangkok!


Check this!

I arrived this morning at Bangkok International airport for my connection to Phuket.

I was chuffed that I had arrived so early (11.30 am for a 2.05 pm flight) which is very rare for me. Actually, this is the earliest I have ever been for a domestic flight.

Only one problem...and its a big one! I'm at the wrong airport!

Yesterday I arrived at the brand spanking new Bangkok International Airport which only opened 6 months ago.

For my connecting flight to Phuket the taxi driver assured me that I would be leaving from the 'old' airport as this was a domestic flight.

Like yesterday I had a gut feeling that this wasn't right so I re-checked my itinerary. That wasn't much help because it just said Bangkok International Airport. In the end I decided to trust my driver's judgement.

Not to my great surprise, when I arrived to check in with Thai Airways they informed me that I was at the wrong airport. They said I would miss my flight and would have to wait until 4.50 pm for a Phuket flight from this airport.

This is why I am writing to you now from the airport, I normally wouldn't have as much spare time as this at an airport.

Two hours down, only three more hours to wait...

See you tomorrow from Phuket, hopefully!



taitouwah said...

hey man! roy here! can we be friends ?! i am from malaysia ...i am a chinese. today is my first visit to your blog!! actually today i was quite depressed cause i had been doing gym for nearly 9 months but doesnt see any result, but just a bigger size of bicep... i was pretty upset so i went online and then accidentally get into your web site.... i really think that u deserves the nice body and six pack because u really work very very hard with crazy good decipline... this is what that makes me respect u!! keep up with ur hard work ya~~ have a lot to learn from ya! the way u think that makes u achieve so much man... i must learn more of it from u ... will visit ur site often for more information!this is my email if u dont mind to be friends with me taitouwah@yahoo.com . see ya soon! ur blogs really motivated me a lot ... i was nearly to giving up...thx

Anonymous said...

G'day mate,

Recalled texting you, mentioning I'd leave a comment, but after arriving home Sunday (rather tired), I started watching episode 39 of the biggest loser...it was indeed insane! It 'grabbed me' much more than I thought it would, and I watched several more episodes in succession (I receive RSS feeds now!)!

Re Phukett, your delay isn't great, but I well understand the frustration you must have felt. Your in Thailand now, and you know to expect the unexpected!

Keep on working hard, I've continued gyming since our holidays began, although I didn't go in today as planned. Tomorrow!

Cheers for now, and I could see a six pack...an outstanding effort. Your regime of 20km a day worth of running among all and sundry efforts, plenty of commitment there!


Adam Waters said...

G'day Roy,

Thanks for your kind words mate. I don't have much time now but when I get back to Japan I'll definitely email you and hook up.


Adam Waters said...

G'day Andy,

Great to hear from you buddy! Mate, you are the one guy who understands what I've been through the most because you have been there for me and with me throughout the last 2 years training in the gym.

Yeah, The Biggest Loser is a great show, the first I've seen that really shows what it takes to get in shape quickly. Some parts (like the bitchiness) is not cool but all in all it is good to see a show like that on TV.

Keep training hard mate, I'm sure you'll reach your goals because I know you are dedicated and have the discipline to follow through.