Friday, April 13, 2007

Day 156: Why Does M3 Finish On August 5, 2007?


Today I will talk about the significance of ending Mission 3 on August 5, 2007 and how you can apply this powerful visualization/actualization technique in your personal fat loss missions.

Mission 1:

First, let me back up a little and talk about Mission 1. As you can see in the header graphic M1 was 12 week/84 day fat loss mission that finished on January 31, 2007.

It just so happened that my 33rd birthday is on February 1st, 2007.

This was NOT a coincidence.

Here's why. After spending 6 years in misery and depression due to being overweight (and sometimes obese) I knew that if I didn't make a change now it would only get more difficult as I headed into my mid-thirties.

So, on Zero Day (Novemeber 7, 2006) I set a 12 week challenge and a fairly lofty goal. My goal was to eat a chocolate bithday cake on my 33rd birthday while holding a six-pack.

I burned this image into my subconscious mind and replayed my imagined scene thousands of times during the 84 days. This was a major component of my success in M1.

Above is the actualization of my visualiztion that drove me for the duration of M1.

Also here is a short video I made on that day celebrating my birthday and "unwrapping" my birthday present!

Mission 2:

was a 46 day shred mission that began on February 7, 2007 and finished on March 24, 2007. My goal was to finally get a defined six-pack and then celebrate this acheivement in Phuket.

The date of March 24, 2007 didn't hold any significance other than it was the only time I could get time off from my full-time job.

However, having the opportunity to make a "redemption trip" to Phuket WITH a six-pack and vanish the memories of my trip there 6 months earlier (when I was overweight) was extremely motivating for me.

This coupled with the fact I would hold a public vote on this blog on March 24, 2007 on whether my mid-section qualified as a six-pack turned the heat up even further. If the majority voted NO I would forfeit my $1500 pre-paid trip to Phuket!

Below is a video I recently made about THAT day...the most intense, adrenalin pumping day of my life! If you don't know what happenned watch it and find out.

Day 136: M2 Judgement Day - The Verdict

Mission 3

Ok, now let's cut right to the chase about M3. The date August 5, 2007 is significant because it is sandwiched between my father's and brother's birthday.

Both my father and brother have influenced me enormously and definitely helped shape who I am today. I love them both dearly so I will dedicate the whole 100 days and nights of M3 to them.

My brother is an Australian PGA Professional whom I am very proud of. He has always been there for me and his positive energy is infectious. My brother also gave me a few home truths when I went back to Australia just before M1.

At the time I was quite defensive when I heard what he had to say. One week later his words were ringing in my mind as I started Day 1 of Mission 1. Upon reflection, I credit my brother with giving me the kick up the rear that I needed at the time.

This is what separates casual friends from true friends (and of course family). They are willing to tell you the truth even when it hurts them and you to say it.

Thanks bro, I always be eternally grateful what you told me in the car on the way down the Coast that time.

My father has been a major driving force throughout everything I have achieved, not only in the last 156 days, but my whole life. He has always been there for me in good times and bad.

In the 6 years between 2000 and 2006 I was not my true self my father was always only a phone call away. We would talk for hours about life, challenges and future goals and dreams. He NEVER gave up on me, he always believed I could turn my life around.

As you, me and anyone else reading this blog knows, life always throws up challenges. Unless you live in a bubble protected from the outside world you will at some point have to deal with those challenges head-on.

However, knowing what you should do and actually doing it can sometimes be two different things. In my experience procrastination rarely resolves these personal issues and challenges.

Before you start thinking I am pontificating to you let me tell you a little about my experience. Like I have said many times, I spent 6 years in misery and depression due to my procrastination.

I knew what I should do (transform my mind, body and life), I had even done it before (Body for Life 2000) but still I never took action for 6 years.

That's time I wasted that I will never get back. They could have been the most productive years of my life instead they were the worst.

Below is a picture that demonstrates just how far I slid down the rabbit hole.

I have also faced a few challenges in the last few weeks.

Before I left for Phuket my 6-year relationship with my girlfriend ended.

I also got a legal threat from a multi-billion dollar corporation related to a product review I did about their brand on my Natural Skincare Authority site.

Both of these issues have now been resolved because I took immediate action.

Here's the point. I believe the challenges we all face from time to time, while painful, also give us the opportunity to grow.

That feeling of discomfort can be channelled into positive energy that can drive you to change your life dramatically, and for the better. It is all a matter of perception and how you interpret what happens to you.

Anyway, back to my original thought.

I will dedicate the 100 days of pain, discomfort AND growth I will experience throughout Mission 3 to my father and brother.

My goal is to give back to my father and brother for all the love and support they have shown me.

I also hope to inspire my father and brother to live their dreams and GO MASSIVE!

Now let's talk about you. If you are currently on a fat loss journey and experiencing challenges is there a date that is significant to you that you can use to drive you throughout your mission?

It could be an upcoming event like a wedding or high school reunion. It may be an anniversary or something more close to home. It doesn't matter what the date is, the only thing that matters is that means something to you.

Once you have decided on a date use this to drive you throughout your mission...and through the pain barrier.

You may just surprise yourself at the results you get!


P.S. You can check out my father's awesome poetry at


Anonymous said...

that is beautiful, thank you for sharing the significance of this date. we are so proud of you.
love kel.

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Kel, Its great to hear you say those words.

Love Ad

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

how is the preparation for Mission 3 going? I can't wait :) Also wanted to ask if there are any news about the personal trainer outcome or is that going to take a while? I will keep my fingers crossed.

Take care


Adam Waters said...

Hi Kristiina,

Thanks for your comment. Mission 3 prep is almost done, I have been doing a 2 week "baseline" test of the program I will follow. I just have to make a few final tweaks before I hit the gas pedal on April 27, 2007.

In regards to my PT certification the news is great...I passed! I have some ideas about how I can best implement my ideas into a fat burning program other people can follow but it will take time to put it all together.