Monday, August 06, 2007

Day 271: Stopover In Brissy


My Outback Cardio Tour has now come to a close!

After fending off "attacks" from the locals and over-coming Heartbreak Hill for 4 days I am now back in Brisbane for a one-day "stopover".

Tomorrow I will head down south to the beautiful Gold Coast where I will stay for about a week.

I plan on doing a lot of beach-side cardio during this time. There is nothing like sand sprints up a hill to wake you up first thing in the morning!

I am also looking forward to heading back to my favorite gym in the whole wide world, Centrepoint Health Club. I actually blogged about this gym on Day 55: Open Air Workout

You just have to see open-air pool courtyard surrounded by free weight exercises to believe it!

It is pure heaven to have the sun shining upon you and a cool breeze brushing over you while you pump out reps on the bench press, I love it! I promise you I'll try to get pictures of this club while I'm here.

Ok, I must get some sleep now...


P.S. Below are Day 271 pics taken in front of GoodLife Gym - a chain in Brisbane - the scene of today's Fat Loss Circuit Training Workout. A well-equipped gym with very pleasant staff, highly recommended.

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