Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 323: Are You Ready To Unleash The Power Of Real-Time Accountability?


Yesterday I discussed my M3 Final Shred Phase with the goal of getting a genuine six-pack in the next six weeks.

I also discussed the power of real-time public accountability. This real-time accountability (RTA) factor played a massive role in my success during M1 & M2.

The RTA Force Field!

In fact RTA drove me with such force there were days during the early stages of M1 when I would literally run 10 blocks to get my pre-planned meal in at the right time (I have a full-time job so my schedule doesn't always fit into nutrition plan).

Every evening when I came home to take that day's picture and upload it live onto my blog I always asked myself the following questions, "Are you worthy of a picture today?" and "Have you done everything possible to make progress today?"

The answer I got was yes almost every single day, minus my 2 week vacation to Australia over Christmas when I lacked focus.

Why I Now Look Forward To Taking Daily Pictures!

Instead of it being a chore I actually began to look forward to taking my daily picture because I knew I had done the work that day to edge incrementally closer to my dream physique.

In fact I enjoyed (and still do) seeing my physique transform in front of my eyes. Let's face it, pictures don't lie!

I cannot stress enough how empowering it is to take daily pictures AND hold yourself accountable in real-time by uploading those pictures onto a blog where other people will see them.

This creates the "positive pressure" required make a rapid-fire physique (and life) transformation by taking you way out of your comfort zone.

The truth is you must get out of your comfort zone both physically and mentally in order to make massive changes in your life in a short period of time, no matter what your goals are.

Are You Game?

Therefore, my question to you today is, "Are you ready to harness the power of real-time accountability for your physique transformation goals?"

If you answered YES I have some great news for you, you can harness the power of RTA on this very blog! If you currently have a blog (or start one in the next 24 hours!) that documents your own physique transformation journey then I will exponentially increase the accountability factor for you.

How Will This Work?

Simple, I will put a link to your blog in the RTP VIP Members Blog Roll which is displayed in the right-hand nav bar. As I believe daily blogging (documentation) is the most effective way to journal a physique transformation I will rank the blogs in a specific order.

Translation: Those who blog more often (daily is best) will get "top billing" on the RTP VIP Blog Roll. Also, once you finish your journey I will feature you and your blog in the RTP VIP Newsletter that is distributed to thousands of readers.

The Bottom Line

This will force you to get out of your comfort zone by increasing the "positive pressure" on you to follow through on your physique transformation goals as you will have ready-made stream of visitors to your blog almost instantaneously. (I currently have daily readers from 85 different countries).

Let's Get It On!

Ok, first go to and sign up for your free membership and bonus report. In a few days time you will receive an email from me that will direct you to an online form where you will submit blog URL details.

Once you submit your blog details to the above URL I will have you up and running on the RTP VIP Blog Roll within 24 hours.

To get a visual of the RTP VIP Member Blog Roll in action just go to my blog and look down the left-hand side and you will see 17 of your fellow members who have already taken action.

You too can join Kristiina, Suzette and Dougal and be among the most successful and dedicated RTP Bloggers in a matter of days!

On a technical note, if you are looking for a blogging solution that is no cost and simple to use I recommend

I look forward to seeing you on the RTP VIP Member's Blog Roll...

RTP VIP Newsletter Adam Waters

Until tomorrow,

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Guess what? My gym was closed today! Not a big surprise as they have so many random days off. Anyway, I still got in a dose of cardio with HIIT sprints and skipping along with ab training and push-ups.

P.S.S. Below are Day 323 pics for September 27, 2007: Mission 3 Phase 2 - Day 29 of 70

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