Friday, June 01, 2007

Day 206: Breaking News...My 4th Article Published And An Amzing Twist Of Fate!


Check it out! Part 2 of my "Accountability Article Series" has been published as an exclusive article at Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat Inner Circle.

This is an amzing twist of fate as I used the accountability tools within the Inner Circle - like the progress journal and photo gallery - to hold myself accountable for Missions 1 & 2! Now, only 4 months later I am writing an exclusive article on the very same topic!

In part 2 of this article I layed out my complete accountability structure, both internal and external. Throughout Missions 1 & 2 I used a variety of methods and tools including: blogs; social networks (Myspace, FaceBook); image galleries (Flikr); videos (YouTube) and daily journals.

I did this with the explicit intention of creating "positive pressure" on myself to follow through on my pre-determined goals.

However, none of the tools mentioned above even come close to the accountability factor within Burn The Fat Inner Circle.

Can you imagine the amount of "positive pressure" that is created when you have the Internet's No.1 fat loss guru, Tom Venuto, regularly checking up on your progress in your progress journal and photo gallery? It is massive!

However, the accountability factor within the Inner Circle only scratches the surface of what this site has to offer in terms of rapid-fire fat loss.

Let me back up a little and explain my Inner Circle story.

I joined the Burn The Fat Inner Circle on December 18, 2006 as a way to hold myself accountable to like-minded people on the same journey. However, when I logged on for the first time I was blown away by the amount of content Tom and his expert contributors have provided for the price of a couple of Starbucks latte's a month.

If you know Tom through his articles and books you'll also be gald to hear that Tom has once again has redefined the meaning of over-delivering.

On this site you will find exclusive articles (not published elsewhere), audio interviews, downloadable eBooks, fat loss recipes, a photo gallery, tools and calculators, supplement reviews and success stories.

You'll also get access to Tom's awesome Burn The Fat Show which is downloadable monthly audio program (iPod compatible). Tom delves deep into the all the different aspects of fat loss like mental strategies, visualization, goal-setting, nutrition and training.

I always look forward to each edition of the Burn The Fat Show and listen to it multiple times on my iPod on the way to work. There is nothing like having Tom in your ear delivering cutting-edge advice and telling it like it really is!

Here is a screenshot below of Tom's Burn The Fat Show.

When I first entered the site I spent 6 hours reading, listening and analyzing this laser-targetted information...and I haven't even scratched the surface yet of what this site has to offer!

On top of all this you also get access to 19 different discussion forums tailor-made for the specific journey you are on.

Here is just a taste: New Member's forum; Beginner's Corner forum; Female Fat Loss forum; Fat Loss After 40 forum and the Goals & Motivation forum. The list goes on and on. Just these forums alone are easily worth the small monthly investment.

In fact, I believe Tom made a genius move by charging such a low price. It's low enough to attract a a critical mass of serious people on a fat loss journey and also just high enough to deter the "tire-kickers" and "energy vampires." This is reflected by the overwhelmingly supportive atmosphere that permeates every corner of the forums.

These forums are a great way to support like-minded people while similtaneously holding yourself accountable by posting your own goals and progress pictures, as I mentioned above.

If you would like to get a preview of this membership site and check it out for yourself just click on this link: Burn The Fat Inner Circle


P.S. This is the photo I posted on Day 85 in the Inner Circle Photo Gallery after I successfully completed Mission 1. I stated my goal of eating a chocolate bithday cake holding a six-pack on Day 43 when I first entered the Inner Circle. I owe a lot to the accountability factor within the Inner Circle for my success in reaching my goal.

P.S.S. If you are on a fat loss journey yourself perhaps you could benefit from the Inner Circle too?

However, just a word of warning, if you are serious about rapid fat loss then don't leave it too long to check out Burn The Fat Inner Circle.

Tom has said he will be increasing the price once he fills his quota of charter's so low right now!


Jerruke said...

oh dear... and you have turned your blog into a commercial... :( I understand your excitement about Venuto but right now I'm just... a little bit disappointed. I discovered your blog through youtube and I think, what you've done is really amazing. You have changed yourself. Maybe I have understood the purpose of this blong in a wrong manner but I would have liked to read more aboout what do you do... (to read about articles is OK but... to read about how you work out etc is more exciting) :)

Adam Waters said...

Point taken, but take a look down the sidebar and you'll see links to the whole of Mission 1 & 2 and my complete Blog Archive (181 blog posts/articles of which about 170 are non-commercial).

Have a look a look in there for workout/nutrition/ab articles. With nearly 200 posts on this blog it becomes quite difficult to make navigation user-friendly.

Regarding my Inner Circle article, well what can I say? I am proud that I have had my 4th article published. Please remember, I started this blog with nobody reading it for the first 42 days. This was (and still is) primarily my own accountability project and a part-time hobby as I still have a full-time job to attend to.


Hecate said...

Adam, I think you have the right to self promote in any way you like. This is your blog, after all.

I have to say though that I miss reading about you! ;)

Jerruke said...

I'm proud of you too, don't think that I'm just nagging at you. I think Hecate put it in the best way.
That was just a remark:)
Good luck! And I'm relly looking forward to see how will you handle M3:)

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Jerruke,

To be honest, since I had to postpone Mission 3 (because of a wrist injury) there isn't really much else to blog about.

But I am back into "basline training" testing out a couple of different "muscle gain" programs and soon I will start Mission 3 and blog daily (and take pictures daily) about the experience.

I do really want to get back into the heart of what this blog is all about, which is a "physique transformation accountability journey".


Adam Waters said...

Hi Hecate,

Mission 3 is coming soon...!

BTW, how are you going? Long time, no talk!