Thursday, February 08, 2007

Day 92: M2 Day 2 - The Vision, The Power, The Glory!

Day 92 (Total)
M2: Mission 2, Day 2
Status: Round 1, Phase 1, Day 2
Goal: 5% Bodyfat with increase in muscularity
Vision: Kickin' it in Phuket with a totally shredded six-pack. Check it to your left!
Time: 46 Days: Feb/7/07 to Mar/24/07
Tools: BFFM, Metabolic Surge, Flatten Your Abs, Hybrid Cardio (self-designed)


This Vision propels my Power to acheive Glory. Click on the image to get a close-up view.

I have always believed that writing your goals down is an extremely powerful technique to manifest your dreams. Study after study has proven this to be a scientific fact.

I write my goals down every single day and as you can see it has worked! However, just writing your goals down does not harness the full power of your mind.

Check this. Your subconscious operates on images. For example when the see the word "dog" you don't read that word, you see it.

When you recall past events do you see a transcript of the conversation you had? No, you recall the images associated with that event.

Can you see what I'm getting at? Using the power of imagery to clarify your goals and dreams sets off a chain reaction of inevitablitiy in your subconscious mind. That's what I did with the picture above.

Now you have two choices. You can sit back for the next 44 days and watch me manifest my dream of sitting on that lounge with a six-pack OR you can use the power of imagery to make your dreams come true. Hint...choose the second option!

Peace, AJ

P.S. For today's pictures I decided to keep my shirt on! Two reasons, the first is because it is freezing cold in Osaka right now, and the second is because I haven't worn that singlet for 6 years! As we say in Japan...hisashiburi!


Anonymous said...

I love how you keep setting yourself new goals and dreams! Kickin' it on a beach in Phuket sounds awesome - can't wait to see those pics in 44 days time!!

Go Hard!

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Kelly,

Yeah, this dream really gets me pumped!

Cheers, Adam