Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 405: Shredders Can Handle The Truth!

G'day Shredders,

Today has been a great day!

I got in a quality Tissue Remodeling Workout (more details coming soon) this evening and came home to read more wonderfully insightful comments from my Fellow Shredders to yesterday's Day 404: The Truth Shall Set You Free post.

I am consistently blown away by my Fellow Shredders. I really do feel connected to you guys and I believe it is no "accident" that we have come together online to share our physique transformation and life journeys.

The theme of my last 3 blog posts has been speaking the truth (to yourself and other people) about my first attempt at blogging a physique transformation.

I have discovered since I started this blog that speaking the truth (as I see it) on a daily basis has been extremely powerful.

I Was "Living A Lie"

For 6 years I not only lied to myself (about my physical condition) but I was also "living a lie". By this I mean I was not living the life I knew I was meant to lead.

Even though I rationalized my lifestyle on an almost daily basis (and had plenty really good excuses for not taking action) I knew deep down that my daily actions were not consistent with my core beliefs.

My "physique transformation" over this 6-year time period was the outward manifestation of this internal conflict that raged inside me for all those years. There is simply no denying that, it is the truth.

This is why I continually speak of getting your "head right" first before you can expect to make a full-blooded physique transformation. The good news is that once you do get your "head right" you can make extremely fast progress on the physical realm.

Contrary to what a lot of skeptics and naysayers will tell you, the human body is in fact capable of massive and "quick" change, never underestimate the power you have within yourself.

Shredders Can Handle The Truth

Before I sign off today I'd like to highlight the very insightful comments from my Fellow Shredders to yesterday's blog post.

Take the time to read these heartfelt comments, you can literally feel the truth jumping off the page and hitting you between the eyes!

Suzette said...

Adam, You are so right! Facing your truths will set you free. I think exposing your past opens up the real you that makes you that real person we all can relate to. We each have our own stories to tell, our own skeletons we don't want to expose to other people. But I think once we break free of that "old" person, that person we don't ever want to be again, we can truly live the life we are intended to live. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom to reach the mountain tops.

For myself, I know it is hard to explain in words where I was at in my lowest point. I do agree with you in that you are a different person. You have to be in order to be able to make such a transformation. You are different not just on the outside but on the inside, most importantly! The inside has to transform first before the outside will!
I look back at myself from a little over a year ago and I, too, don't recognize myself, inside and out! It's like, "was I really like that? Is that really me?"
Thanks for sharing "you" with us! It makes that connection I feel with you even more tight.

December 17, 2007 10:53 AM

Tearose said...

I understand what you mean about not recognizing the "old you". I see pics when I was at my heaviest of 263lbs and I just don't know that person, I don't want to know that person lol. We want to pretend that person didn't exist. But that person is what brought us to be the person we are now. Also great post Suzette! As Suzette said, thanks for sharing your old blog :)

December 17, 2007 2:28 PM

Nick said...

Hey Adam,

What intrigues me about successful 'physique transformations' is that more often than not they seem to originate at the end of a really shit day, itself usually the culmination of many weeks or months of 'shit days'.

Once things gets going its the step by step successes (and accountability factors) that keep it going. But in order to see those initial results you need a burst of determination to get there. I think that’s where being discontent with your physique and broader life comes in. It’s the catalyst that gets things started, and hopefully by the time its burnt out you’ve gathered the momentum to keep going. I wonder if you’d burnt out that energy when you hit the negative bod-pod hurdle? But still, that’s what pushed you on to M1!

One of my housemates eats a 13” take away pizza to himself 4 nights a week! That’s 2000 calories in a single meal! no joke! When I first began my M1 it made it very hard not to give in to temptation. It was my initial energy that got me through things like that. And now not only is the urge virtually gone, but I find I actually pity him and the 18 stones he weighs, when its really so easy for him to improve himself.

December 17, 2007 3:46 PM

Michael said...

Wow, some amazing insight. I have to agree that the honesty part is what propels me down the path I'm on. I've told some friends about my blog and they are checking it regularly and that also helps me keep moving in the right direction. It is amazing. True accountability is an amazingly strong thing.

December 17, 2007 5:07 PM

FatBurnBlog.com said...

Hey Adam ... I really enjoyed todays post and I think you are spot on ... the truth will set you free!

The hardest thing I had to do was to face up to the truth of my own personal situation and health status. It is easy to overlook the fact that you have become obese, unhealthy and in poor health. Especially when it just creeps up on you over time.

Getting to the point of accepting the truth for what it is helped me to get on the right track.

I found the best technique to reveal the truth is to take your picture, document the reality and observe it for all it is. I decided not to hide from the truth, ignore it or deny it any longer.

The truth really does set you free.

I agree with Nick's post above ... what turned me around was the PAIN motivation created by facing up to the truth. It was a massive level of discontent. PAIN motivation is a great way to change your course and get onto a new path.

Thanks for todays post ... you helped me to gain some insight on what turned me around ... the truth :)


December 17, 2007 11:05 PM

Donna said...

Hi Adam,

I found your blog by chance and I'm glad I did. You've done so well. Congratulations on inspiring others as well. Just so you know, you've given me a kick up the behind to get alot fitter. It's been a year since I really exercised to any effect.(I've always been active) But I don't know what happened in 07 to have me just not do a thing. I'm looking forward to feeling more like myself in 08, so I'll be checking in to your blog to see how you're doing. I'm a Queenslander too, so the weather can't be an excuse for me can it.
All the best

G'day Donna, thanks for your kind words. Great to hear from a fellow Queenslander! (But I support NSW in the Origin!) Shred Hard.

Suzette, our resident RTP Warrior does a 3-Hour Snow Shred while simultaneously conducting a live, on-the-ground report from Michigan!

Christy is conducting a very cool 100-Day Water Challenge that has caught fire in the ShredderSphere. Way to go Christy!

Debbie has kicked off her own 12-Day Accountability Challenge and also motivated other Shredders to join her! Great work Debbie, shred hard!

Lynda, our resident Shredder from Spain has kicked off her very own 100-Day Shred Mission. Go to Lynda's blog and offer your support.

Michael, a.k.a. The Fat Burning Machine, has recorded his 2nd Podcast. Michael discusses how to maximize your Bench Press. Keep em' coming Mike, you are a natural!

Rod, of Fat Burn Blog fame has just recorded his first ever Podcast on his LCP Formula for weight loss success. Like Michael, I also think Rod is a natural. Great work man. Thanks for the tip of the hat too mate!

Lilla, our resident Shredder from Hawaii has issued a Clothing Challenge to all Shredders and made a cool video to document here progress. Check out Lilla's Challenge Video!

Shredder Pact:

We will focus on the single daily actions that produce results.

We will "burn our bridges" and not look back.

We will never surrender.

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

Below are my Day 405 RTP Blog Daily pictures for December 18, 2007: Mission 4 - Day 30 of 125.

P.S.S. Day 405 Video coming soon...


Nick said...

Hey Adam,

Random question here to you and the other shredders, but do you guys think that as you’ve lost weight, your skin tone may have darkened? Especially between the overweight and healthy phases of your programmes. I notice in almost everyone’s pics they look a tiny bit redder in their slim pics compared to their day 1.

I ask because I can’t figure out if my skin looks darker. The sun can’t possibly be to blame as in England there is no sun. period. I wonder if as I’ve lost weight my vasculature has improved, darkening my skin tone a little more toward the red (not like a Thailand holiday tan but enough to be noticeable).

Shred on


Luis said...

Nick Not in my case I think the problem on my pictures is the camera.:)

Adam and the rest of the shredders.... Thank you for doing all of this.... I has change my life because now I have a group of friends that I can show my results.. See their results, read about their journeys and relate and I don’t fell alone I feel like I am part of a team.
Lately I been very busy with my personal life (all good things thanks to God) But Thanks to all of you and of course you ADAM I always have in my mind that I have to work out eat right and never surrender to my old habits and gain weight again.
Thank you all for writing about your thoughts and motivating me A LOT ...... :) Happy holydays.

Raiden said...

I'll jump in on Nick's question about skin tone. For some, it might just be the camera, but I think it's a positive side effect of eating better, in particular, those that weren't getting a lot of fruits and vegetables before (myself included).

The extra vitamins from the fruits and veggies, plus the EFA's from eating more fish and flax seed/oil has made my skin a lot healthier overall. More colour = more health.

B said...

Hi everyone. I think when you eat better it shows in your skin, it starts to glow a healthy sheen.
Adam I think the mindset and telling yourself the truth are so important to the transformation process. If I speak truthfully I know I'm not there yet. I don't know when it will happen. But each day I try to do my best, I try to eat well and try to exercise. But somedays I know I'm still kidding myself. Then i cheat on myself. But those cheat days are happening less and less. When I say cheat I don't mean going out on an all day binge. I just mean I have not been completely honest with myself and have not lived that day the way I intended. I don't know if I need to do more soul searching or what. But i will continue to try to live each day as best as I can.
Oh I hope this post works I have so much trouble trying to comment on Adams comment section.

Michael said...

Adam, you are right that the truth jumps off the page, but that's because we all love you man!

Mike Groom said...

Adam, I've spent a couple of days thinking about the truth issue and I have to agree that being true to yourself is a big step and one that I haven't taken fully yet. After digesting your comments and thoughts I think a light has come on for me and maybe a big change about to happen hopefully. I think I'm ready to take the next step in my journey.

Thanks for your inspiration.


Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

"By this I mean I was not living the life I knew I was meant to lead." This is the crux of everything for me and stretches way beyond my health. I agree that my health and appearance are a reflection of where I am. I'm not there yet, but I've come to a place where I'm willing to let go of things that I've clung to out of fear and allowing myself to embrace what is unknown. Some friends have told me, and I believe me that when it comes to changing your life, "It's an inside job." These posts have been really great, Adam. Thank you.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Nick, I agree totally with Raiden and Bec. Your skin does have a much more healthy glow due to the positive effects of eating clean and shredding hard.
P.S. Though did I hit the solarium pretty hard on M1! Not recommended, seriously.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Luis, happy holidays to you too mate. Keep shredding hard over Christmas man, you are well on your way my friend.

Adam Waters said...

Thank you Bec, Michael and Mike for your kind words. Speaking the truth is very powerful but it is also an ongoing process I believe. Though doing your best (and me too) to consistently "live your truth" day in and day out will transform your life I believe.


Adam Waters said...

Hi Christy, "Its an inside job" is so true as is letting go and embracing the unknown/future. I think you've really hit the nail on the head Christy. Also, I believe your blog does speak volumes about you because I know it is the truth you speak.

Jenny said...

I think that you are so right about facing the truth, for me I avoided the truth about my body by avoding mirrors for years. taking a photo and seeing the truth was really shocking. but I can no longer avoid the truth.

I am changing a lot of things in my life at the moment, and I so believe that the changes need to come from the inside first. Adam thanks for inspiring me to get truthful about my body.