Friday, August 03, 2007

Day 268: Outback Cardio Tour!


Today I couldn't get to the local gym for pre-planned workout because my "designated driver" was sick...very sick.

So, I decided to give myself another dose of much-needed cardio by circumnavigating the whole town on foot.

Here's the weird part, this town is so small (population of 800) that it only took me 10 minutes!

But, it wasn't all peaches and cream as this town is located on the side of a massive hill.

You know what means right? You guessed it, I had my own personal "heartbreak hill" to get over...twice.

This hill was on about a 60 degree incline so it was rather brutal to get up, but just what I needed as my cardio had been on the backburner since I left Japan 7 days ago.

Even though it is winter here in Australia (mild at the best of times) I actually worked up quite a sweat on this run.

Just for good measure I finished up my cardio session with 100 push-ups and 3 sets of upper, lower and oblique abs.

The bottom line here is that when your pre-planned workout "goes south" for whatever reason you can still get in a a decent workout as long as you have a pair of running shoes and a flat surface for bodyweight exercises.

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Here are Day 268 pics for August 3, 2007: Mission 3 Phase 1 - Day 38 of 60

1 comment:

Boris said...

You are such an inspiration

After I saw your transformation in M1, I started to work really hard.
Now after 58 days I am seeing beautiful progress and six pack is really forming.

Thank you for anything, just continue to work as you do :)