Friday, January 18, 2008

Shredder Council Member: Suzette's Profile And 84 Day Progress Pictures

Certified Shredder:

RTP Group Shred
Weekly Accountability Phase

Duration: 12 Weeks

Phase 1: October 26, 2007 to November 8, 2007

Phase 2: November 18, 2007
to January 18, 2008

Status: Completed Successfully!
Week 12: January 18, 2008

Blog Accountability:
Visit Suzette's Blog for Suzette's goals and dreams and to offer your support and encouragement.


Suzette's Accountability Progress Pictures

M4/Shredder Council Pact:

We will focus on the single daily actions that produce results.

We will "burn our bridges" and not look back.

We will never surrender.

Shred On Suzette!

Post Status: January 18, 2008

Signed: Adam Waters


Anonymous said...

Consider Shredder Council Pact signed...Suzette.

I also would like anyone's take on loose skin issues as it would relate to how it would affect bodyfat% measurements.
my current bodyfat% is @31%
I would like to get down to 25%.
Whether this is achievable in 10 weeks, I don't know. If it takes longer that is fine...But that is my ultimate goal for the time being.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Suzette, I'm not sure about loose skin. I didn't get that when I came down from 105kg to 85 over the 3 years prior to M1. But maybe because I did it slowly.


Anonymous said...

i think most of my "loose skin" issues could be from 1) having four rather large babies. I have the stretch marks to prove it! ugh! 2) being so heavy for a good part of 12 years. I don't think my "loose skin" issues are as bad as some but I hope to "shrink" some of it!

CeeKaye said...

Suzette(and Adam) there is an article or two by Tom Venuto on the subject of skin. (i'm sure if you can find it)

Suzette, i left you a comment with the url a while back....