Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 140: Post M2...A Six-Pack In Phuket!

G'day from sunny Phuket,

Check this out!

Is that a six-pack I see? That elusive shadow line across my last row of abs suddenly appeared today.

This is so weird because today was the first day I have worked out since I finished M2 (4 days ago).

I'm totally baffled because I literally flexed all day on M2 Judgement Day to get a sixer to show up in my front picture...without success.

However, I'm not getting too carried away. I realize the power of lighting angles can make things appear more visible.

Either way, I am real happy because now I really do feel like I earned this trip in accordance with the criteria I set out in my M2 Goal statement (No six-pack = No Phuket). Needless to say I had a blast this morning at the Hotel gym. Check it out below.

The gym is quite small (all equipment is contained within this picture) but there are literally 24 different exercises you can do on that machine.

Today also marks the first day of what I will call Post M2 Training. This period will run for 20 days until April 16, 2007 with the purpose of priming my body for Mission 3.

My focus is to gain strength through heavy training with long rest periods between sets (the opposite style routine compared to the last 139 days).

I will also start consuming a surplus of calories through food for the first time since I started Mission 1. After having been on a caloric deficit for so long (in order to lose fat) I am glad to finally start eating meals other than tuna salad!

This is also the smart play because your body will adapt to the same stimulii (training and nutrition) over a period of time. This adaption will stall your progress and frustrate you through unbreakable plateaus.

Before I sign off today I'll give a pic of the beautiful resort I am staying at. The Deevana Resort is situated in Patong Beach in Phuket which is 40 minutes from the airport.

I have only been here for a day but I'm already in love with this place, yes the Day 140 pics really is the view from my balcony!

I'll give a full report in the coming days.



Anonymous said...

Hey Ad,
Now THAT is a six pack! Excellent!
What a magnificent resort.
Enjoy every minute.
Looking foward to your next challenge!

Love Kel.

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Kel, Its great here, we gotta go together here one day with everybody!

Love Ad

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,

It's great to see you smiling and happy on holidays...

You look elated in comparison to the photos on your last trip to Phuket. I am so happy for you.

Noelle (from BFFMIC)

P.S. you look HOT!! I wish the guys in Ireland looked like you on the beach!!!

Adam Waters said...

G'day Noelle,

Thanks for your kind words. My grandfather is from Ireland, I really wanna go there one day.

Take care,