Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day 154: Mission 3 - 100 Days & 100 Nights


As you can see by the new graphic in my header Mission 3 (M3) will be 100 days long. All I can say right now is that this Mission will be completely different to the first two.

M3 is all about muscle...lots of it!

I am currently fine-tuning my nutrition plan, weight training, cardio, goals and accountability structure for M3 which will start on April 27, 2007...16 days from now.

I have an extremely powerful reason for finishing this Mission on August 5, 2007.

The significance of this date will be a major driving force throughout this Mission. I'll tell you all about it in the coming days.

In the meantime...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!



Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

I discovered your blog through watching your video at youtube about a week ago and I'm still like :-O :-D Coool!!! You're a real star and I can't wait for the next phase :)


SUZETTE said...

Hey Adam, Had I realized you had a link to Nick's program, I would have ordered it through you. It would be so helpful to get help from you. You have inspired me so much to do this program. I had actually ordered Nick's 6 ebook CD on Friday, which should be arriving by the end of this week. Could I "cheat" a little and still get your "insider" help on this program?

Adam Waters said...

Hi Kristiina,

Wow! Thanks for your very kind words, I really appreciate it. I can't wait for the next phase either!


Diane said...

Hi Hot Bod Aussie Friend:
Checking in and glad to see you're still posting and gather "things" are working out! Just keep expecting and believing for the best and it will come.
Looking forward to seeing what will be up for your Mission III - more food for sure:-)
for now