Monday, April 09, 2007

Day 152: Finally...Success In Changing My Header Graphic!


I don't usually make any posts regarding the look of my blog, but I am overcome with joy right now! After 152 days I have finally cracked the code of how to change my header graphic (you can see it above).

I had to get under the hood and play around with HTML and CSS code to make it happen which wasn't easy to tell you the truth. I have zero training in web design, HTML or CSS, hence the 152 day wait!

The reason I wanted that new header graphic is because I realized a long time ago my sidebar was getting increasingly cluttered with image links. This was a stop-gap measure as it was the only way I could make this blog easy to navigate.

It gets quite tricky to balance user-friendliness when you have close to 152 day's worth of consecutive entries, videos and pictures contained inside the blog. Putting my logo, Mission 1 & 2 pics in the header is designed to free up space in the sidebar.

There is so much I want to tell anyone who visits my blog for the first time but I also don't want to overwhelm them with 500 different links! I will continue to tweak the layout to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Anyway, what do you think?


P.S. I am very close to finishing my Mission 3 design. This includes nutrition, training, cardio, goals and accountability structure. As soon as it is complete I will post it here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
Loving the new header graphic!
Excellent to have the pics as the first thing newbies will see when they click on...actions speak louder than words...(heard that one before?!)

can't wait to see M3 design too, Kel.

SUZETTE said...

love the new header! notice how your blue shorts kind of work with the whole color scheme. lol. can't wait for the completion of your "Road to Redemption" project. This sounds very exciting!

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Kel and Suzette, I like the look of this public vote! I can't wait to finish my "Road To Redemption" project, it has been 6 months in the making but I had first had the idea 6 years ago.


Anonymous said...

I think u should strap a camera on your head like this guy This way we can watch you work-out and flex real-time. Forget this blog stuff.


Adam Waters said...

Hi Josh,

I just checked out That guy is insane, like you said he wears a camera strapped to his head 24 hours a day and will do so for the rest of his life!

Could you imagine that? For me just taking daily pictures and updating this blog (and others) takes 5 hours a day, imagine doing it for 24 hours a day...