Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Day 238: Origin Intensity


Wow! That was an intense workout! I have discussed my concept of Earthquake Intensity before but tonight was a whole different ball game...literally.

EarthQuake Intensity

If you don't know, I use Earthquake Intensity like this. During your workout imagine that an earthquake could strike at any time. This forces you to maximize the "pump" on each and every rep for every set.

If an earthquake did strike (happens all the time here in Japan) how do you want go out? Do you want to go out in a blaze of glory giving your all? Or do you want to go out going through your workout (and life?) doing the bare minimum? I know how I would want to go out!

The point I am trying to make here is to live every day as if it were your last because in reality you never really know how or when you will go. Isn't it better to live in the moment at the highest intensity possible? I think so.

While I always apply Earthquake Intensity to my workouts tonight I tried something different called Origin Intensity.

Origin Intensity

The Origin I am referring to is not the dictionary version. No, the Origin I am talking about is the world's toughest rugby league battle between Queensland and New South Wales that takes place 3 times a year.

These are quite simply some of the fiercest battles you will ever see on a sporting field, built up by 100 years of "hatred" for the opposing state. Tonight just happenned to be Game 3 of the 2007 series that I watched live on TV from Japan.

It was a bruising encounter that was befitting the intensity, courage and athleticism that Origin delivers every year. After watching this game tonight I decided to channel this Origin Intensity into my workout and consequently had one of the most intense 40 minutes of my life.

The point I am trying to make here is to channel intensity into your own workouts. This is especially useful if you are lacking "internal motivation" that particlular day.

That may be as simple as plugging an iPod into your ears full of your own "pump-up music" or watching your favourite sporting highlights like I did tonight. Basically use whatever gets you "fired up" and "in the zone" and then channel this intensity for the duration of your workout.

Ok, I have to calm down now and get some sleep!

Before I sign off I leave you with a video clip of the Origin Intensity I have been talking about. Enjoy!

Adam Waters

P.S. Below are Day 238 pics for Mission 3 - Phase 1, Day 9 of 60


Anonymous said...

Go the mighty BLUES!
i bet you enjoyed game 3!
nice to win 1.
Your top Ad have really popped out! looking good!

Diane said...

Hi Adam:
Seeing a noticible difference in your size - looking good...stay the course.

Adam Waters said...

Yo Kel, That was a brutal game! Glad to see them finally get up after so long!


Adam Waters said...

Thanks Diane, Yeah I feel like I'm gonna hit that "tipping point" soon, I can't wait.