Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Day 237: A Nice Surprise!


Absolutely shocking! During my workout today I could bench another full increment over and above what I had planned.

This is amazing to me, as it is not often I get shocked by my own strength. When you take detailed training logs (as I do) you can usually predict with amazing accuracy what you'll be able to lift during any given workout.

However, today was a different story! I literally had to double check the weight to make sure it was right...and it was.

Funnily enough this does fit with a common theory of bodybuilding, i.e. "you make your best gains when are starting (or re-starting) a program."

Further proof of my increased strength is evidenced by my Day 8 (of 60) pictures today. I can see a little more definition in my chest compared to 1 week ago. What do you think?

In any case this re-inforces to me the fact that are bodies are a "fluid being" and a physique transformation really does take place 24/7.

Adam Waters

P.S. Below are Day 237 pics for July 3, 2007, M3 Phase 1 - Day 8 of 60.


Jamie said...

hey Adam, I have sent my blog details to your ask adamn bit, I have now put a link up at mine.
Your chest looks bigger mate!

Adam Waters said...

Done mate! Thanks for your compliment too!


Jerruke said...

Hi! :)
Good to hear that you've started your mission (I haven't been able to read your blog for some time but now I can).
I just wanted to say that the fatigue is so familiar... I remember that sometimes I got home from school and had one and a half hours till my volleyball training and I sometimes literally slept as much as I could because I couldn't keep my eyes open... But it is temporary, at least according to my experience. :)