Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day 141: Just Chillin'


My second full day in Phuket was all about the "chill factor"...after my morning workout.

I was chillin' around the pool when I struck up a conversation with a nice German couple. We hit it off and have planned an action day together on Saturday.

We will go on a tour to nearby Patong where will do rock-climbing, abseiling, jungle trekking, rope walking and a ride on a 'flying fox'.

I actually met the German guy yesterday in the gym. He's very cool, totally into bodybuilding (much bigger than me) and kickboxing.

Hopefully I'll get some cool action shots on Saturday.

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!


P.S. No side picture today because I was "busted" by some Aussies in the pool below (from my balcony) who saw me taking flex pictures of myself. In typical Aussie style they really gave it to me, "Here he goes again..." they were shouting out! I just couldn't bring myself to take any more pictures.


Suzette said...

Awesome! So happy for you. You look totally into the experience! Have fun! Thanks for sharing your holiday with us! I always look forward to your next post every day.

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Suzette, its my pleasure!


Anonymous said...

Hey there Adam, I'm a 25 year old guy from geelong. Stumbled upon your youtube video and ended up here, what you've done is fantastic I think it is great. And in such a short time, its great, hey how many calories a day did you eat for mission one, and for most of 2006 were you like doing no exercise at all? You look great. I was 103.5kg about four or five weeks ago, now i am 97. I have a huge family function coming up and I want to be happy with the photos. How many hours a day did you do cardio for the hundred days? I reckon I can get to 86 kilos before the party, one more question, when you were fat were you still selling skincare? Did your skin look like shit because of the junk food? You look pretty good for 33 I must say. You should do an ultra close up shot of your face with heaps of light on it, and then in five years too, to see if your regime of diet and food plus your skincare, reduced fine lines on your face. I find that because my face is bloated a bit, it was worse, but yeah I find a smile on a fat face fold up more skin under the eyes, and hence creates heavier lines ubder the eyes what do you think, I swear you look like 29, and did you go to a solarium or was that your gold coast holiday that created the colour? Aussie men / caucasians look better with a tan I reckon. Anyway I look forward to seeing your progress. I looked back to your first couple of dozen days, the change in your arms was crazy, even though you are yet to really step up the strength training with mission three from what I can gather. You should also have it so when you click on your photos bigger ones are available, do you work at an office all day or do you have like every hour in the day to do this stuff? Whats the go? I know thats alot of questions but mainly the last few I want to know.

Good one man,


Adam Waters said...

G'day Terry,

Great to hear from a fellow Aussie. Thanks for your many kind words. For most of 2006 I was exercising BUT without drive or purpose. I had an awakening in late '06 that drove me much harder. I then channelled all the pain from the last 6 years into every rep, set and workout.

I did about 3-4 days a week cardio but fine-tuned as I went along, switching between HIIT & steady state. You are right about my skin, was a site I started in 2005, I still use the natural products I recommend but of course it helps when you are healthy, your skin glows much more.

I did do a bit of tanning over Mission 1, but Mission 2 pretty much all natural tan from Oz trip etc. I do work in an office all day but I do get to train during lunch time so its good.

For specific tips I have two blog posts that may help you regarding my exact training plan and nutrition plan. These links are both on my 'official' blog. Alternatively both can be found in the nav bar on right hand side.

My Training Plan:

My Training Plan Overview

My Nutrition Plan:

My Nutrition Plan Overview

I trust this helps you with your goal, which is definitely attainable.


Diane said...

Man, here I thought you were taking a "break" from working out and just kickin back, but you're hard at it! It's in your blood and what a are such a great inspiration. So much that my next lap of the "Surge" will be fueled with you in mind - my goal as of April 1st and it ain't an "april fools" joke, is to go hard, shred and reduce my body fat to 10%. Thanks for being a "fire stoker" in fitness Adam!