Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Day 28: Week 4 Progress Report - Before & After Pics

12 Week Fat Loss Challenge

Day 28 of 84

Status - Round 3: Phase 1: Day 4


Well, today is my first judgment day. The 4 week progress report. I have decided to take my physique transformation in 4 week increments and publish my before and after pics at these intervals.

This is another way to keep myself accountable by setting smaller 4 week goals. So, instead of blabbing on about my workout routine today I will just show the before (Day 1 pics) and after pics (Day 28).

Here we go, day 28 pics for December 5, 2006.

P.S. I used the Japan Times newspaper as evidence of the 4 week time period. You can see a blown up picture of the newspaper date on the last picture below.

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