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Day 78 Pics: A Six-Pack In Six Days?

Day 137 Update:

Six-Pack Video: M2 Judgment Day

Before I go into detail about how David Grisaffi's Flatten Your Abs System has helped me carve out a six-pack I will show you a time-lapse video that documents my journey over the first 136 days when I followed the Flatten Your Abs System.

This time period culminated in a public vote on whether my midsection qualified as a six-pack. To turn the pressure up even further I put my US$1,500 pre-paid Redemption Trip to Phuket on the line! On M2 Judgment Day I got 94 responses from 22 countries, that ultimately determined my fate.

Click Below to watch how the events unfolded, in real-time!

Day 78 of 84

Status: Round 8: Phase 2: Day 1

Here are Day 78 pics for January 25, 2007


Back on Day 43 I wrote a post titled "A Six-Pack In Six Weeks?"

While I have definitely made progress since then its now crunch time.

I have six days left to fulfill my dream and carve out a defined six-pack within my 12-week self-imposed deadline.

The Washboard = "Holy Grail Of Fitness"

In my opinion the "washboard" is the holy grail. By now you may think I'm obsessed about getting a six-pack. You are right and I'm not the only one!

People have obsessed about the six-pack for centuries. Just take a look at Michelangelo's masterwork "David" which he sculpted way back in 1504!

So, What Am I Doing About This?

Well, I am happy to report that I am burning the fat and building my abs as hard as I can to achieve my dream. For example, today I did a tough "Lactic Acid" workout and an evening HIIT cardio session WITH abdominal training.

My evening HIIT cardio session also got me pumped! I hit 3 minutes at 16 km/h on the 4th cycle of my 20 minutes workout. This is a major milestone for me, especially since I struggled to get back to 16 km/h after Hong Kong. I actually blogged about "swallowing my pride" back on Day 62 when I could only reach a high of 15.5 km/h.

Well, now not only am I at 16 km/h, I can do it for 3 minutes straight! It was an incredible feeling, something I will never forget. Bodyfat measurements and scale weight indicators come a distant second for me compared to "real-world" feedback on my progess. This is why I celebrate every new milestone and appreciate how far I have come.

Progressive Overload Principle

However, there is still much to do. If you become content with where you are now you will not progress any further. You may actually go backwards!

This is because nothing stands still in this world. If you are not constantly moving forward you will stagnate and eventually go in reverse. As this is true for everything in nature it is also true for us.

Trust me, I know this to be true from personal experience.

Take a look at this picture slide and you'll see why I'm so obsessive about getting (and growing) a six-pack.

Step 1) Building Your Abs

For those of you out there desiring a six-pack remember this, BUILDING your abs and SEEING your abs are two different things. To build your abs you must work your core intensively.

The core includes not only the rectus abdominus (six-pack) but also your obliques and lumbar area. And let me tell you that conventional sit-ups are a joke, you need a variety of intensive exercises to get the job done for your core.

Step 2) Seeing Your Abs

Now, seeing your abs means quite simply losing bodyfat. You need to get under about 10% bodyfat before you can see them clearly. Losing bodyfat to most people means cardio, and to a point that is true. However, don't underestimate the power of weight training. When you start to replace bodyfat with muscle is when you will see results.

I personally use a combination of cardio and weight training, both done at high intensity. The staple of my cardio is running on the treadmill, but I also do swimming, boxing, cycling and skipping. My weight training is primarily is high rep/high intensity with short rest periods. This combo has gotten me to where I am now.

My Abdominal Training System

As I mentioned on my Day 43 blog post I followed David Grisaffi's awesome Firm and Flatten Your Abs abdominal training program for the first 6 weeks. I then got his bonus eBook Six-Pack In Six Weeks and have been following this advanced program the last 5 weeks.

So far I am ecstatic about the results I have gotten from following David's books. I intend to prove David right over the next 6 days!

For more information on Firm and Flatten Your Abs here is the direct link to David's site:

RTP/FYA Bonus Pack Combo

If you purchase Flatten Your Abs from this link you will get access to a private members only online BFFM Support Zone to ask your most burning questions about how to integrate Flatten Your Abs in to your routine.

That's right, real-world advice from a guy (me) who has actually done it successfully. You'll also get access to the answer archive from previous questions asked by fellow Flatten Your Abs Support Members.

How To Get Your RTP/FYA Bonus

In order to qualify for Flatten Your Abs Support order Flatten Your Abs from this link and then enter your ClickBank Order Number after clicking on the "bonus delivery link" in the special box below.

To get your Flatten Your Abs Support Bonus immediately after ordering Flatten Your Abs, go right to my Bonus Delivery page. Enter your ClickBank Receipt number (from your order confirmation email) to verify your purchase, and you will get access to your bonus within 12 hours upon verification of your order.

This bonus offer comes directly from Adam Waters RTP, not from ClickBank or from the publisher of Flatten Your Abs. ClickBank will not honor any refund requests that are based on non-delivery, quality, or functionality of the bonus materials. If you have any questions or problems about the bonus, do not contact ClickBank or the product publisher. Click here for bonus contact information.

Important: I know David's book back to front as I have printed it out and constantly refer to it when I am fine-tuning my abdominal training program. I have used David's book successfully thus far by implementing his "7 Level System".

However, neither David nor I can guarantee you results if you decide to buy. The results you get will be directly proportional to the effort you put in.

Ok, time for me to wrap this up now. I must get my full 8 hours "recovery sleep" to prepare my body for another onslaught tomorrow.

I have a "double hit" of weight training and HIIT cardio to get ready for!

See you tomorrow,

Peace, AJ

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think Big!


Anonymous said...

I know you are really wrecked right now Adam, but you have your before and after pictures labled backwards! Other then that, your website is great and your latest video really shows how happy you have made yourself by hitting your goal in the you alloted yourself. Very impressive and very insperational for the rest of us. Jon

Adam Waters said...

Thanks John for your kind words mate. About the above before and after pics, they are actually labelled correctly! The first one is after BFL in 2000 and the second was when I let myself go.


David Grisaffi said...


Great job in getting your six pack!You are amazing and look great. Keep up the work and spread the news

David Grisaffi