Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 477: I'm In Disney Land...

G'day Shredders,

If I thought yesterday was a long day at the Strategic Profits Live Conference just wait till you hear about today (and tonight!).

It All Started At 4:00AM!

I got up at 4:00AM to do my "homework" from the Day before and also get in my HIIT Cardio/Abs workout in the gym.

The conference started at 9:00AM with Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren teaching us Maven Bootcamp attendees how to find our true passion and act with congruency in everything we do. Jay and Rich went right through to 6:30PM only stopping for a one-hour lunch.

Here are a couple of pics of this Day 2 Session below. The first picture is of Jay Abraham "The $6 Billion Man" during his solo session highlighting his Strategy Of Pre-Eminence.

The second picture here is the late afternoon session with Jay and Rich re-capping the day and giving us "homework" to be completed by Day 3.

A Late-Night Session!

If that wasn't enough for one day then Rich decided he would have a "late-night session" for all the hardcore people where he would share sensitive information from his own internal operation.

Rich outlined his exact solutions and strategies for blogging, video and web 2.0 stuff. As Rich was discussing the power of video he went live on the web to his hugely successful 66 Seconds Video Contest. Rich did this because it displayed how you can generate "buzz" for your own product or service.

Rich Played My Video On the Big Screen!

Would you believe that Rich then played the winning videos! I gotta say it was a surreal feeling to have my winning video played up there on the big screen and then getting applause for my effort from the other attendees.

Here is the video below:

Would you believe I actually felt weird having to watch my video along with 70 other people in the same room. I also realized as I watching just how far this journey has taken me.

What started out as a simple idea on September 24, 2006 (which ended in failure the first time around on October 25, 2006 and resumed on November 8, 2006 right up to the current day) has literally landed me in Disney World watching the actualization of my idea on a big screen at an $8,000 conference that I won tickets to via that video!

How weird is that?!

The Bottom Line

The point I'm trying to make here is that if you are true to yourself and follow through on your dreams and goals you just never know what cool and crazy things may lie ahead of you.

However, if you give up after the first try and abandon your dreams (like I could have after my first failed attempt) you'll never know what might have been.

Trust me, there were also many other times over the previous 6 years when I was tempted to give up, but I always had that little voice inside of me that implored to keep going and try again. That little voice (intuition) turned out to be right all along.

Needless to say, I felt like I was in Disney Land when I went to sleep tonight, wait a second...


M4 Shred: Real-Time Accountability
Day 63 of 84

Nutrition: My meal plan was spot on today.

Cardio: As mentioned above I got in a HIIT Cardio/abs workout hitting the all-important last 2 minutes at 10.5 m/ph on the last 2 minute cycle.

Click Here to learn more about the origin
and theory of RTP Real-Time Accountability.



Feel free to use this plan as a template that you can follow. However, this plan is is based on my own personal experience over 3 physique transformation missions. In other words, what works for me may not work for you in the same way.

Success in this game requires research, individual design, real-world testing, monitoring results and making adjustments when necessary. This is your responsibility, no one else can do it for you. However, if you'd like to research further the exact programs I have used (over my first 3 Missions) and will use for M4 Shred you can do so at the links below.

M4 Shred Components: Click each link to learn more.

1) Fat Burning: 16 Principles of BFFM: nutrition, mindset and cardio.

2) Weight Training: Metabolic Surge: 36 Day Rapid Fat Loss System.

3) Six-Pack Training: Flatten Your Abs: 7-Level Training System.


Shredder Pact:

We will focus on the single daily actions that produce results.

We will "burn our bridges" and not look back.

We will never surrender.

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Below are Day 477 RTP Blog Daily Pictures for February 28, 2008: Mission 4 - Day 102 of 125 (M4 Shred: Day 66 of 84).


Debbie said...

Fantastic post, Adam.

You never gave up on your transformation as so many others do and look at all the other doors that have opened up to since. Just goes to show you how discipline in one area can lead to empowerment in many others.


Marbella said...

Adam, love reading about your conference in Florida, and want to say that am so proud of you for sticking to your guns and keeping on plodding and trying to get to your goals. You did it! You will get even farther (would bet anything on that!).
You´re the Top Hot Tamale Shredder for sure!

Lilla said...

Awesome! Did your fellow conference goers recognize you right away on the video?

Great job staying on track with nutrition and exercise too! Traveling always used to mess me up. You're invincible! :D

Anonymous said...

it is almost like, "is it really happening to me?"
i am sure you are now full of even more ideas for your future and even your present! can't wait to hear all about it. your brain must be hurting with all that good info being input in your brain in such a short amount of time? I know mine would be. I am proud to be a part of what you have going on here.

Adam Waters said...

G'day Shredders, thank you so much for your kind words Debbie, Lynda, Lilla and Suzette. I can't wait to share with you some new ideas I have on how we can all take this "Shredder Concept" to a whole new level!

I'll be in contact with you very soon to discuss these ideas after I finish my "homework"!

Shred on,

Michael said...

Adam, that's an awesome post, mate! You make us all very proud! Looking forward to hearing the new ideas you have.