Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Day 77: Week 11 - The Final Countdown!

Day 77 of 84

Status: Round 8: Phase 1: Day 5

Day 77 - Week 11- Pictures for January 24, 2007

What a week! My laptop crashed, I got food poisoning, I missed two workouts and I got my second article published! What can I say? This is real-time. I am living every day to its fullest, even on my "bad days" I try to remain productive.

I actually wrote my second article the day my laptop crashed (I have an external hard drive) while I had food poisoning. There is no way I would have had the discipline (or motivation) to do this even a few weeks ago.

Speaking of body, mind and soul are now so in-tune with the discipline required that I have shocked even myself. On Day 60 I decided to "eat clean" for the last 24 days. So far it has not been a problem, I am used to it, I have no cravings at all.

I made a post recently on Tom Venuto's "Burn The Fat Inner Circle" forum that if someone came up to me and said "Adam, if you give in and eat this chocolate cake I will give you million dollars right now." My answer would be "No, thank you, I will not eat that chocolate cake."

There is no way I would have been able to resisit that offer even 4 weeks ago. However, things have changed. I am so focused on my dream of getting a six-pack by the 84th day that I am willing to do whatever it takes.

I am practicing what I preach as the first article I wrote for BTFIC was about "Progressive Discipline". This is where you start with a "baseline diet" giving yourself latitude to indulge in your favorite sweets at the end of each 12 day cycle. Once you start to see tangible results you will "tighten your discipline belt" almost instictively.

Application of "progressive discipline" over a 24, 36 and 42 day period will create a self-fulfilling prophecy of unstoppable momentum. Trust me, this strategy works! N.B. This article is exclusive to BTFIC, to read it in its entirity head over to

I am also applying "progressive discipline" in regards to weight training and cardio for the final 7 days leading up to Day 84. I am doing daily HIIT cardio and 4 weight training sessions over the next 7 days. This is to destroy the last remnants of my "pooch."

Like I said a few days ago it has been 53, 808 hours since I last had a six-pack! So, the next 7 days are the most critical if I am to achieve my dream. Everything I have done for the last 77 days, all the discipline, all the sacrifice, all the muscular pain, all the intense cardio was merely a "launching pad" for the final 7 day shootout.

On November 8, 2006 I set January 31, 2007 (one day before my birthday) as the deadline I set myself to achieve a six-pack. I am never going back! Well, the day is nigh so I have to make this time count, RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Peace, AJ

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think Big!

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