Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day 218: Feel The Rush And Conquer Energy Vampires!


Wow! Now that was a real workout!

It's been 4 hours since I finished my "Hypertrophy Workout: Part 1" and I can still feel the buzz.

That buzz is the rush of endorphins that flooded my system during and after my session.

The natural high you get from an intense training session is beyond compare...sure beats any artificial chemically induced high!

This is why I train so hard. Its not only about transforming your physique but its also the feeling you get that comes with working out on a consistent basis.

I also know that when I meet and exceed the daily goals I have set for myself in the gym that I am much better prepared to handle the "other challenges" that arise during my working day.

Put simply, after I have challenged myself in the gym and come out on top, there is not much that will affect me for the rest of the day. Workplace politics and negative comments from "energy vampires" are just water off a duck's back! Those things barely register with me anymore.

Let's face it, the only time you have is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Why not live every day to its fullest and constantly challenge ourselves to beat our previous bests?


Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!


Anonymous said...

You Rock! I can feel your energy right through the web! "live everyday to the fullest" what an awesome comment. Not just in your physical transformation, but in life! thanks!

Adam Waters said...

Wow! Thanks Suzette! I can feel your energy too!


Anonymous said...

Gday dude, Ryan from Geelong again, checking in, twelve days to go !!! what youre really teasing us not posting a photo hell its gonna have more impact when we see those guns pal.

Me, I was 103.5 in Jan - now I am 79, iv'e lost some a little muscle in arms, not legs, but when I am curled up in bed there is still flab on the stomach, about 9 kilos worth id say, gonna get down to 70 and then start with a muscle thing. I took some digital photos at the fattest, will post before and after once I reach my goal, not quite as keen as you to go day by day, but good on you for having the you know whats to do that. Seriously you are hell right about the natural high being better than the chemical one, and when I speak of this for me I mean I could take that 20 bucks on the bench and order a pizza and gorge it down, i'll feel good for the 10 minutes im gorging it down, but its nothing like the two hour runs I do.

Adam Waters said...

G'day Ryan,

Great to hear that you have made awesome progress since the last time we communicated. I look forward to seeing your before and after pics mate.

Do you have a blog?