Friday, August 17, 2007

Day 282: What Do You Think Of My Swing Dave?


I got just one question...

Dave, how does my golf swing measure up?

Let me explain. My brother Dave is a freshly-minted Australian PGA golf professional. Dave worked extremely hard for 10 years to make his dream come true.

He practiced for hours each day and honed his craft. Then last year he lined up for his greatest test...qualifying for his Pro Card.

Dave held his nerve under enormous pressure and posted a great score that propelled him into the top finishers and earn his Pro Card.

The qualifying process to make it as a PGA Golf Pro is brutal. However, like most things in life, the harder the road, the greater the reward.

In fact, my brother Dave and I had a conversation last year that has stayed with me ever since. Dave gave it to me straight up, and I used this to motivate me throughout Mission 1.

Anyway, yesterday I had a hit at the local driving range. It was actually the first time in 7 years that I have picked up a golf club!

So, Dave what do you think of my swing?

I'll put the 3-pic sequence below so you can give me a point-by-point analysis of my swing in the comment section!

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters

P.S. This morning I grinded out another "win" in the gym by successfully moving up an increment on my "heavy" bench press routine.

P.S.S. While I was hitting the ball today I could feel the difference that having a "strong core" makes to the power and control of your golf swing.

P.S.S.S. I'm real proud of you Dave. Keep up the great work mate. Check out Dave's Myspace Homepage to learn more about Dave.

1) Just before impact.

2) The follow-through

3) The end!

Below are Day 282 pics for August 17,2007: Mission 3, Phase 1 - Day 52 of 60


Anonymous said...

In my blog post yesterday and today I talked about "inspiration" in that we all need something or someone to inspire us to action. It's funny that your post today is generally along the same lines. Your conversation with your brother obviously "inspired" you into action!

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

OMG! What an incredible achievement. A hearty, congratulations to your BROTHER, DAVE.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man your words mean so much to me. You are a continual inspiration for not only me but for many looking to achieve their goals. You have put in so much hard work mate and you are continually surprising me on the amount of things you are achieving. The best thing about my brother is that his motivation to get into shape doesn`t just come from his own internal reasons, he really wants to be an inspiration to others. He is passionate about helping others, especially with me at the moment (getting into shape) to ensure that we become all that we can be.

Anyway in respect of the golf swing, let me offer you some advice. Your action in fact is quite sound. I can tell that you have played bat sports before. The basic motion of the golf swing is there and you will hit some good golf shots with your action. Now starting with your impact position, the first thing I would do is maintain your wrist angle for longer as you approach the hitting zone. This is the angle created by the left arm and the left wrist. Right now Adam`s wrist angle is at about 90 degrees, however I would like to see it at about 70 to 80 degrees. I want him to maintain this angle for longer so that he has alot more power stored as he approaches impact. Wrists are in fact an important power source to the golf swing.

The second thing is his right knee. His right knee is very inactive at this position, meaning he is very flat foooted. This means that he is not driving with his legs which is another critical aspect of creating and executing power in the golf swing. The correct position for his right knee to be at this stage is for his knee to be more pointed at his target and with his heel starting to come off the ground. You will see this with every good player who hits it a long way.

Now there are just two more things. Adam adopts very much the old style of teaching whereby you should keep your head down for as long as possible. Now this style has been changed significantly over the years because of two reasons, for one it creates an arc in the back which can in fact cause injury later on, the other is that it stops the body actually releasing or turning toward the target just before the ball has been hit. This last reason will prohibit Adam with his length and accuracy. Now Adam what I reccommmend is that you ahould try and keep your head up during the swing, not buried in your chest and to practice turning your head up toward the sky as you hit the ball.

But other than that you have a well coordinated swing. There is absolutely no doubt that weight traing has made a difference to your swing over the years. You are using your torso more which is no doubt because of your extensive work in this area. The turning of the torso is very important to the golfer`s swing because it not only one of the main sources of power but it coordinates everything in the swing. Without a good working torso you are limited to your potential of being a good golfer.

Well Adam thankyou very much for inviting me to make a commment and keep up the fantastic worK!!!!

Your Bro, Dave

Adam Waters said...

Wow Dave! I've got a lot to work on! Thanks bro for taking the time to critique my swing.

You are gonna go far man! Just don't for get about me when you reach the top!


Steve said...

Dave, could you give some specifics on what exactly you did to cause the change? Diet...exercises...anything in particular you think helped you alot...