Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Day 98: M2 Week 1 Before & After Pictures


Deja Vu! Shades of Day 77 leading up to my original M1 fat loss mission. I have my nutrition, cardio and weight training dialled in. It took me a few days but I feel awesome right now as I am again making gains on a daily basis.

So much so that a friend of mine was blown away by my physique today! As I have mentioned before this kind of real-world feedback beats statisical data any day of the week.

Today I hit my back, chest, biceps and calves hard today using the Muscle Rounds (MR) technique of taking only 10 seconds rest between sets. This works well for me, as I was able to gain 1.7 kg's of muscle during my severe calorie resticted diet during M1. Kind of like defying the laws of nature as it is very hard to gain muscle during a fat loss phase.

The killer will be tomorrow’s Muscle Rounds on legs doing 3 rounds 6 mini-sets of squats back to back with only 10 seconds rest. The key I have found here is making certain you have ONLY 10 seconds rest, i.e. get a stopwatch!

Another thing to know when doing MR is after you drop or rack the weight is to pick it up again after about 7 seconds. This is because you want to be ready to go on THE 10th second. Not a mili-second later, otherwise you won't get the benefits of MR.

Here are M2 Day 8 pictures for February 14, 2007.


P.S. Happy Valentines Day!

P.S.S. Tomorrow I will reveal a very personal true story about what a home invasion taught me about forgiveness.


Diane said...

Hey Aussie Adam:
You're looking delicious!!! Really noticing the changes in the back of your arms. More tightness in your chest...sweet and keep moving towards your finish line, you're an inspiration.

Adam Waters said...

Thanks for your kind words Diane, it really feels much better the scond time around!