Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 97: Back With A Vengenance!


Its official...I am back! My calves have recovered from the hammering they took a few days ago. So much so that I did some hardcore lunges today, 6 sets of 20 kg dumbells with only 20 seconds rest between sets.

Today was Lactic Acid (LT) Part 2 where I target shoulders, triceps, quads and hammies. This kind of workout is a good yardstick for me to measure my progress. When I was in the 24 day 'shred phase' leading up to Day 84 my LT training was super intense with almost immediate results.

I feel totally confident I can not only hit 5% bodyfat in this mission but actually get under it. Of course, this will take a heap of HIIT cardio as well but I have the experience now of knowing what it takes to shred quickly. This is invaluable when calculating goals that are within reach while similtaneously enter a new pain threshold.

I gotta get some rest now.

Peace, AJ

P.S. I wanna send a shout out to my new friends at Bodybuilding.com, it is an amazingly positive place...I wish I knew about it earlier!

P.S.S. Here are M2 Day 7 pics for February 13, 2007

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