Thursday, November 22, 2007

Day 379: No Turning Back Now! M4 Revealed By The Shredder Council

G'day Shredders,

What can I say! The Shredder Council does not miss a beat!

Yesterday I "challenged" the Council to guess why I will be in New Jersey on Day 500. I thought this one would be tough to crack (unlike my previous couple of "challenges")

I expected maybe one or two Shredders to nail the correct answer...see Shredder responses below.

First, here is the "official" M4 Goal Graphic!

Shredder Responses:

Debbie said...

Adam - a few guesses.

1) you're meeting up with Tom Venuto or Nick Nillson

2) money is burning a hole in your pocket and you're headed to Atlantic city for some gambling

3) you're a big tony soprano fan

btw: did you know the Arnold Classic Bodybuilding Expo is Feb 29-Mar 2 in Columbus, Ohio?


Joni said...

Yeah, I think this has something to do with Tom Venuto as well. And then, of course, coming to visit me because I live 45 min from NJ :)

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Oh Snap! Joni you I feel like you just won the Price is Right. You are the closest to Adam's vacation (without going over.) You guys should totally meet AND post a video on the blog.

My guess: Adam's competing in either a Body Building Competition or an Iron Man.

BTW, I'm thinking RTP Shredder cruise or Vegas getaway package. lol

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Debbie! Haha you were googling like me, too. I knew it was and was disappointed the dates didn't match up. It's 100 Days from yesterday. lol

maverick said...

Got to be Tommy V

Marbella said...

Gee Whiz Adam! Why go to New Jersey of all places!! (please forgive me you NJerseyians). Gotta have a big reason to do that, so am thinking they are going to do a TV show, or maybe a movie on you. (Oprah, Donald Trump, PlayBoy)

Something important that only can be done there (remember there are tons of movie companies in Spain...) This is something extra special for you to come all the way from Japan. Don´t you need a whole bunch of Shredder´s to be there to be background...we could sing some, dance some, give it a big GO Adam Waters!!! Just let us know and we´ll all be there.
(darn...running with bulls is much more fun than anything in NJ). :-)

Raiden said...

It just has to be going to see Mr. BFFM himself. He is in New Jersey. You should see if you can try out the Quad Blaster that he has. Apparently it can make grown men cry. I can just see the meeting now though, it'll be like Stephen Colbert meeting Bill O'Reilly. Well, us North American's might get that reference...Wayne Gretzky meeting Gordie Howe? Hmm, what's a good international reference? Harry Potter meets Dumbledore?

Kristiina said...

As said before the reason is Tom, because he has the Fitness Renaissance in a beutiful place called Hoboken NJ.

We'll be expecting lots of pics :)

Lilla said...

Hey, I was right! You ARE coming to be my personal trainer! I was born and raised in New Joisey. My whole family lives there and I still own a condo in Montclair. What part of NJ will you be in? I may be visiting for the holidays. Joni, you and I should meet up and anyone else on the East Coast!

p.s. Are you on the Big I in your Hawaii picture?

p.s.s. Jersey gets a bum rap.There are some beautiful places there. Enjoy your stay!

p.s.s.s. Thumbs up for Hawaii Redemption 2.0!

Tearose said...

A Redemption trip is a great idea! For me I need a Redemption Summer! This Summer is supposed to be my Redemption summer, but I don't know if I have enough time, we'll see!

I had no idea where you might be going lol.

Sammy said...

OMG! I guess you'll be meeting Tom Venuto or Nick Nilson... Oh man if that is true I'm so envious. You gotta take pictures man!

Lilla said...

OK - I have actual proof of where Adam is! Check out my post on November 21st.
(Check out Lilla's ultra funny video!)

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Holy smokes Lilla! You totally nailed it. It's like you're psychic.

People, you must check out Lilla's video this instant.

Especially a certain Texan and certain Aussie who both will remain nameless.

Marbella said...

I cannot believe you were there filming the whole TRIP! Since it was just a practice day getting ready for the BIG RACE, I didn´t think anyone would check it out.

Hey ADAM, don´t miss going to Lilla´s blog of November 21st! Not to be missed. You are a star!!

And LILLA, you are soo fabulous. My best Thanksgiving present!


Alex said...

You're right, guys! Adam will be meeting Tom Venuto and Adam will be participating in the Arnold Classic Competition as it is scheduled on March 1.


Shredder Council Nails It!

I think I'm gonna have to make these "quizzes" a little tougher! The Shredder Council does not miss a clue!

Yes it's true! I'm going to New Jersey to train with Mr. BFFM himself, the one and only Tom Venuto!

How Insane Is This!

When I first purchased BFFM back in 2003 I was emotionally, spritually and physically destroyed.

Now, four "short years" later I am on my way to meet and train with the author of BFFM!


I'm Gonna Need Every One Of These 125 Days!

Tom has already told me what's in store for me when I arrive. Raiden guessed it, the "infamous Quad Blaster" which according to Tom, brings grown men to tears! Check out Tom's recent blog post on the "merciless" Quad Blaster on

The truth is I'm gonna have to practice what I preach every single day of Mission 4 if I am to "stack up" in Tom's gym! This kind of pressure is totally insane...and exactly what I need in order to "shred that sixer" that has evaded me so far.

Ooohhh man, I get chills just thinking about this Day 500 training session with Tom!

East Coast Shredder Council Meet-Up!

Just to get more insane there is also the chance I could meet up with my fellow Shredders on the East Coast! What could be cooler than seeing the East Coast Shredder Council (who will also be in top shape too!) live in-person.

Man, this whole deal is totally "off the charts". It's gonna make me shred to the max and practice what I preach every single day for the next 121 days. I'm sooo looking forward to this!

You Gotta Check Out Lilla's Video!

One more gotta check out Lilla's ultra cool "Thanksgiving Day Shredder" video!

I watched Lilla's video while I was at work and totally "cracked up". All the Japanese staff were wondering, why is Adam laughing so hard!

Check out Lilla's video (and very cool blog) at

Thank You Shredders

What a cool group of Shredders we have! Through our combined efforts we have all witnessed a real-time manifestation of something that started as a "spur of the moment" idea. Thank you Shredders, it is an honor and a privilege to be on this journey with you.

I think we have only scratched the surface of how totally insane this Shredder Council will become. I can envisage a day in the not too distant future where we have our very own "Shredder Council Redemption Trip".

Maybe a Group Shred Redemption Mission!?

How cool would that be?!

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT

P.S. Tomorrow I'll finally post my "official" M4 plan, just gotta put the final touches on these graphics.

Below are Day 379 pictures for November 22, 2007: Mission 4 - Day 4 of 125


Jamester said...

That's awesome, Adam! What a goal... And an East Coast Shredder Meet would be incredible... that's me! =)

Lilla said...

WOW! Now THAT's massive! I never knew I used to live 15 minutes away from Tom Venuto's studio!!!! I could of been ripped to shreds by now. Can anyone go to his gym? Does he still do personal training or is he booked solid?

Adam, what a wonderful opportunity! You already look incredible, I can't imagine what 3 months will bring. Looking forward to reading your updates!

Michael said...

Adam, what an awesome opportunity. Just judging from Tom's articles and posts, you are one lucky guy!

dougal said...

Dude, how did you work that one out. Man I'm envious. Put in a good word for the "originals" won't you...tell he should check into the blogs to see real commitment....inspired by you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! HOw exciting! Meeting Tom Venuto! That would be so awesome! Adam, meeting you would be so awesome, too! jut think of what we can accomplish in 125 days. I better get my butt in gear!

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

Congratulations Adam! That's the coolest. Training with the absolute best in your field. World class! What a mission!

BTW, I must have just missed you last night. That means you were up past 2am working on your computer--again! You're gonna need all your rest to take on Tom's quad blaster in March, you know. ;)

Marbella said...

Hi Adam,
Am so proud of you getting this very important distinction. But you know, I really don´t see how you can get much are already so buffed, and so in shape. Be sure to rest enough. Know you are going to push it hard, so take care of yourself. Boy, are we ALL going to be proud!! Venuto won´t know what hit him.

Adam Waters said...

Hi Jamester, you are on the East Coast too? Wow!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Lilla, Wow! Its a small world! I think is booked pretty solid but he might make an exception for a member of the Shredder Coucil!

Adam Waters said...

Right on Michael!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Dougal, I'll do more than put in a good word, I'll show him your "after pics"!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Suzette, this calls for an almighty shredding!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Christy, I'll be sure to get a lot of rest before I take on the QB!

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Lynda, I'll do my best!