Saturday, March 24, 2007

Day 136: Mission 2 - The Verdict


What a night! By the time I finally got to sleep I was woken up by an earthquake (literally).

Thank you to everyone who voted and for the kind words of support I received on my blog and in the Inner Circle forums.

The verdict is YES I will be going to Phuket. Below is a screenshot of the survey results at 9PM US Central Time.

This was definitely the weirdest experience of my life and I'll have a lot to write about in the future, but right now I gotta go and pack.



Suzette said...

I knew the votes would go your way! Have fun on your trip. Let's see some pics of you on the beach! Can't wait for the next mission.

Adam Waters said...

G'day Suzette,

Thanks for your support and kind words. I'll definitely have fun and get a couple of pics done on the beach. It has been nearly 7 years since I have looked forward to hitting the beach!