Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Day 223: Food Poisoning Will Not Stop Me!


Today I got hit with my second bout of salmon induced food poisoning - Day 74 was my first hit. I mixed 200g of salmon with my salad for meal 3 today and felt the effects in my gut almost immediately.

I went home early from work to get some rest, and to try and limit the effects of it. Once home I mixed up some probiotic powder & protein with some cold water.

Searing Pain!

With jabbing pains still slicing the insides of my stomach I laid down for 30 minutes with not much hope of completing my scheduled workout.

Once I got up from my rest the pain started to subside! I ate some more fruit and salad as another couple of hours ticked and gradually I was back to about 80%. At 7:30 PM I made a decision...my scheduled workout was back on!

Without hesitation I got my gear together, hopped on my bike and rode to my gym. By the time I started my "Core 6x6: Lower Body" Workout of 130 KG Squats supersetted with 80 KG Barbell Deadlifts I was in the zone!

Now Check This!

I actually increased the load on these exercises tonight and as a consequence had one of my best workouts ever!

Now, why is this important? Here's why, the self-imposed pressure of my impending Mission 3 "Muscle Gain" transformation has me so focused and locked into my target that I don't have time for pitiful excuses - like food poisoning.

To be perfectly honest, had this bout of food poisoning occured a month ago I would have taken the day off...BUT now its a different story.

The pressure of holding myself - and my physique progress - publicly accountable on this blog demands a "winning, no excuses mindset".

Would You Like Some "Positive Pressure"

I firmly believe that public accountability is THE difference between my recent success and the 6 years of failure I experienced previously.

Now, how about you? Could you do with a dose of "positive pressure" to start - or complete - your physique transformation journey? If your answer is yes I have some great news for you.

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Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!


Diane said...

Hi Adam:
Your commitment and focus has stoked the fire within me. I've just begun a 7 week intense eating and exercise plan.
Wished i'd read this last night - forfeited my workout due to exhaustion...daily reading of your blog is part of my supplement intake:-) Best to you!

Adam Waters said...

Hi Diane,

Great to hear from you. You are an awesome example of using "positive pressure" with your blog too. For anyone who doesn't know Diane's blog "DD Fitness Journey" is on the RTP VIP Member Blog Roll I was referring to in this post!

Keep training hard Diane!