Saturday, June 30, 2007

Day 234: How to Get A "Shredded Sixer"


After yesterday's minor "scare" I had no trouble at all today getting motivated for my first HIIT cardio/abs training session for M3.

I completed a very intense 16 minute session on the treadmill burning 200 calories followed up with an ab training workout. My personal preference is do abs after cardio...while I'm in a pool of sweat. Not sure why, but it works for me.

Shredding A Sixer

As my stated goal for Phase 1 is to obtain a "shredded" six-pack (beyond what I acheived for M2) it is vitally important to commence hardcore abs training from the get-go.

My advice is not to wait until you shed bodyfat before you start building your abs. Even though you can't see them they are there, and they will be revealed once you have reduced your bodyfat (at least under 10%).

Another important factor is to treat your abs like you would any other bodypart. Don't neglect them like so many people do, like randomly whacking them on the end of your workout when you feel like it. You must be systematic in your approach to training your abs if you desire a "shredded sixer".

The six-pack training program I am following for M3 is David Grisffi's Flatten Your Abs System. I successfully implemented Dave's 7-Level System for M1 & M2 and as the saying goes..."if it aint broke, don't fix it".

Above is a before & after pic slide of the sixer I carved out for M2 by following the Flatten Your Abs System. If you'd like more details on how I used David's advice (and an exclusive RTP Bonus offer) check out my Day 78 blog post.

Alternatively you can click here for the official Flatten Your Abs website.

Finally, as you can see by my Day 234 pics below I am starting to carve Six-Pack 2.0...


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Hazwan said...

Your muscles are filling up nicely. Gd luck with your phase 1!