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RTP Blog Video Archive: 1,500,000 Views


These videos document my physique journey in chronological order along with some HD Videos documenting "milestone events" and time lapse compilations (these HD videos are only available at RTP Blog and have not been uploaded to YouTube)

These videos are quite popular on YouTube where they have now received over 1,500,000 combined views. Below is a screenshot of my YouTube account that shows 1,511,311 views as of March 5, 2008.

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M4 Training Day:
Final Countdown Video

Here is a 2-minute vid that is quite literally 490 days in the making (contains time lapse footage of M1, M2, M3 & M4!).

Now only ten days out from the most brutal training session of my life with the Super Shredder himself, Tom Venuto!


ECSS 2008:
Final Countdown Video!

This break with regular Shredder Sunday programming is for a very good reason. The New York Four are laying it all on the line with the broadcast of this video!

That's right, Four Certified Shredders (a.k.a. The New York Four), Suzette, Joni, Debbie and Lilla have upped the stakes in real-time accountability in a massive way.

Together we have embarked on a 30-Day full-blooded physique transformation journey (now T-Minus 15 Days!) which will culminate in the Inaugural East Coast Shredder Summit, (a.k.a ECSS 2008) on March 24, 2008.

So without further adieu, here is the video that the ShredderSphere is all talking about!


Alive: The Shredder Council Tribute Video

As I am once again past my sleep deadline today will be a very quick post.

Even though today was a rest day from training I have "worked" about 8 hours today putting the final touches on a very important project....The Shredder Council Tribute video!


: Property of the Shredder Council Members
Videos: NHK TV Japan & Adam Waters
Music: "Alive" by POD


NHK TV Japan Profile On My Weight Loss Journey

Wow! What a job this turned out to be!

A full 7 days after the NHK Japanese TV Network, aired a 5-minute profile on my weight loss journey that was broadcast to 5,000,000 people on NHK Channel 2 on October 14, 2007 I now finally have it ready for online viewing.

Ok, enough with the build-up, here is the video below...

N.B. The Copyright of this TV Clip belongs to NHK TV.

Would you believe that segment was edited down from 4 hours filming! Also, even though the hosts are laughing a little in the studio, it's in good spirits!


Day 450: Birthday 2.0 Surprise Video -
Thank You So Much

G'day Shredders,

Thank you so much for your awesome birthday surprise video today! Words alone cannot express how grateful I am for your very kind words. I'm speechless!

Thank you Raiden, Suzette, Lynda, Joni, Christy, Massimiliano, Debbie, Diane, Dougal, Bec and Lilla for making this birthday the best one I've ever had! You guys are the best and I can't wait to shred with you in "real-time"!

I look forward to continuing our Shredded Journey's together and celebrating many more Shredder birthdays to come!

Peace and Respect,


Burn The Fat, Feed The Mind Advance Preview:
Adam Waters Interviews Tom Venuto - Live & Uncensored!

This video is an "advance preview" of Burn The Fat, Feed The Mind, a 47 minute interview in MP3 format between me and the Super Shredder, Tom Venuto discussing key components of rapid-fire physique transformation.

In this preview Tom and I discuss why counting portion sizes only (and not calories) is detrimental to your fat burning potential in the early stages of your physique transformation.


180 Days In 18 Seconds - Time Lapse Weight Loss

Daily pictures from September 24, 2007 to March 24, 2007 (180 Days!)

The "time-lapse" portion of this video was recently broadcast to 5,000,000 million to Japan on NHK TV before it was uploaded onto this blog!

N.B.People who have read my special report, My Biggest Secret at will be familiar with the "earlier" pictures and blog.


M2 Judgement Day - The Six-Pack Verdict

94 Responses from 22 Countries over 12 hours to my public vote on my blog as to whether my midsection qualified as a six-pack. At stake is my $1500 pre-paid "redemption trip" to Phuket. The following takes place on March 24, 2007. Events occur in real-time.

*Warning: This video is very intense!


136 Days In 12 Seconds - Time Lapse Body Transformation

Exactly as the title says. I took a picture every day for 136 days between Nov 8, 2006 and March 24, 2007 and then put them back to back in a high speed montage. Each 24 hour period is represented by a picture of 0.3 seconds in length.

Buckle your seat belt!


84 Days In 48 Seconds: Time Lapse Body Transformation

A picture a day for 84 days (except for a few rest days). I was inspired by the "guy takes picture of himself every day for 6 years video." I thought...why not apply that concept to my whole body rather than just my face. This video is the result.

The time period is between Nov 8, 2006 and Jan 31, 2007 across 3 countries, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong. My goal for this mission (No.1) was to eat a choclate birthday cake while holding a six-pack of abs (NOT beer!) for my 33rd birthday on February 1, 2007.

This video is also a tribute to my mentors: Tom Venuto, Nick Nilsson, David Grisaffi, John Reese, Gary Halbert and Michael Prichard. Without these guys I would still be stumbling around like I had for the previous 6 years of failed attempts to get in shape.

YouTube Version currently 924, 032 views:


Day 496: Live From San Francisco!

Now only 4 days out from the most brutal workout of my life, M4 Training Day with Tom Venuto! And 6 days out from a Group Shred Training Session with The New York Four, Suzette, Joni, Debbie and Lilla and ECSS 2008 'East Coast Shredder Summit'

How cool is this? I can't wait!

Also, in this vid I reveal details of my NYC Stealth Mission, I got some good news today regarding my flight schedule. I will now stay in New York longer so I can do a 10-day mini-shred leading up to April 1,2008 (a very special day as it will be 8 years to the day since Day 1 of Body For Life!).


Day 492: Last Day On The Job

After 3 years today was my last official day on the job. This vid explains what my job is, why I'm talking about it now, a couple of video clips "on the job" and most importantly the current state of play in Shredder World!


Day 485: Disney World Shredding Highlights

Here is a vid from my vacation to Disney World in Orlando.

In this vid you'll see a few snaps of Down Town Disney, EPCOT, my helicopter tour with Al, my shred with Jeff McBride and my pic with the 6 Billion Dollar Man, Jay Abraham.

Winning Contest Video Recap

This was the prize I won from the 66 Seconds Video Contest hosted by Rich Schrefren. My winning vid 6 Months In 66 Seconds is shown below.


Day 465: Lock-Down 2.0, Injuries, Broken Chair & Orlando

What a week! I'm on Day 6 of Blogger Lock-Down, I have 2 niggling injuries & I broke my chair... while planning my Orlando Shred Mission that kicks off in 5 days!


Day 456: M2 Deja'vu - One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today on Feb 7, 2007 was the start of my 46-Day Mission 2 Six-Pack Abs Challenge (and public vote!). Now exactly one year later I am once again on a shredded six pack quest for my Day 500 training session with Tom Venuto and my Fellow Shredders in New York City!

The pressure is on! I'll be shredding like a madman for the next 44 days all the while imagining Tom Venuto standing over me asking, "Come on man, you got at least 2 more reps in ya!"

In this vid I also discuss the benefits of real-time accountability by logging my daily schedule publicly, along with taking daily pics.


Day 450: Feb/1/08 - My 34th Birthday, Thank You Shredders

Thank you my fellow Shredders for making my 34th birthday the best one yet! I'm totally blown away by your kindness and generosity. May we all shred on for many more years to come!

I'd also like to say thank you to my family and the Master Shredder himself, Tom Venuto for making this day one I'll never forget!


Day 425: Why Eating 100% Clean Can Backfire On You

Discussing why I'll be shredding twice daily for 8 days in each 12-Day training cycle over the next 75 days.

I also reveal why eating totally "clean" for an extended period of time (eg 24 days straight as I did on "Mission 1") can backfire on you, as it has done to me.

My "dark side" of 100% clean eating experience (for an extended period of time) may help you avoid going into "berserks mode" when you finish your current shred mission.


Shredder Push Up Challenge - 30 Reps


Day 412: 1,000,000 Video Views & Shredder Christmas Message

Have a Merry Christmas and a Totally Shredded 2008!


Day 405: M4 & ShredderSphere Game On!

The Shredders have arrived! A review of the daily accountability blogs from the Shredders that will appear on every blog post until (at least) Day 500!

Way to go Shredders, let's practice we preach every single day by eating clean, shredding hard and thinking BIG!


Livin La vida Loca - Karaoke Japan Style

Apologies to Ricky Martin...

P.S. I dug into my "secret"Japan video vault for this one! Recorded exactly one year ago today.


Day 372: Contents Of "Mystery Box" Revealed

On Day 371 I put up a mini-contest video asking my fellow Shredders to guess the contents of the "mystery box" I received recently.

There were heaps of great guesses ranging from my recent NHK TV appearance (most popular guess), to a pony (thanks Christy), to Shredder Council merchandise (coming soon!), to Hi-Def DVD's of my my first year on the shred (great idea Raiden!).

Here is the "Mystery Box" video along with the winner revealed...

N.B. Contained in this video is original footage from the TV Clip which is Copyright of NHK TV Japan.

To the winner (Joni), your prize (RTP Supplement Report) has already been delivered to you. Enjoy!


Day 371: "Mystery Box" Challenge

As I mentioned a couple of days ago I got a "special delivery" recently. I won't give any specific hints because it would way too easy to guess then, but there are big clues on this blog in the right-hand nav bar!


Day 365: Closing The Book On One Year With The Shredder Council

Below is my Day 365 Video (a updated version of the Shredder Council Day 14 Video).

I have reached a major milestone of my real-time physique transformation journey. One whole year of (almost) daily blogging and daily picture accountability in the bag!

This has been the craziest, most intense, bizarre, uplifting and rewarding year of my 33 years on this planet. I'll never forget these 365 days for as long as I live...


Day 350: 14-Day RTP Group Shred Challenge Details

I'm gonna kick-off the first RTP Group Shred Challenge on Day 352, October 26, 2007.

I know it is short notice but it is in these moments of decision that your destiny is shaped! Will you take up the challenge?

Only you can decide...

To get the full scoop go to Day 349: RTP Group Shred Goes Live In 3 Days


Day 335: RTP Breaking News...Unbelievable! (Part 1)

G'day, I have some breaking news. Today an event took place in my apartment that would have been unthinkable when I started this physique transformation journey back on Day 1, November 8, 2006.

Watch the video to find out!


Day 335: Japanese TV Network Filming In My House! (Pt.2)

On NHK Channel 2, Sunday, October 14, 2007 at 11:00PM the TV Show NHK@Human will air a profile on my 7 year fat loss journey.

We filmed segments in my house and at the gym where I work out 6 days a week. More details of how this all came about and the reason why I could lift much weight during the shoot in this video.


Day 290: M3 Phase 1 - Results & Holiday Pics (Part 2)

Am I half-way towards my "dream body"? You be the judge! These pics are my Mission 3 Phase 1 results pictures which went from Day 230 (June 26, 2007) to Day 290 (August 30, 2007).

I also included some holiday pics from my 3-week vacation to Australia and Korea.


Day 290: The First 60 Days Of Mission 3 (Part 1)

Its been a bumpy ride but I have now completed Phase 1 of my Mission 3 Physique Transformation Challenge.

In this video I talk about my "challenges" over Phase 1 and my 3-week trip to Australia and Seoul.


Day 289: Surprise Dave!

My brother got a big surprise when he came over to my place. My sister and her family came to over to Japan...without telling my brother!


Day 245: Mission 3 Goals And Accountability (Pt.2)

My goals, accountability and visualization structure for M3 is revealed in this part 2 of my Day 245 video. I discuss the 2 separate phases of Mission 3 and why it is 136 days long (the same amount of time of Mission 1 & 2 combined).


Day 245: Mission 3 Kick-Off & The Last 110 Days (Pt.1)

In Part 1 of this Day 245 video I talk about what happenned since the end of Mission 2 and why I had to disappear for a while. In Part 2 I'll discuss my goals for Mission 3 that started 15 days ago.


Day 169: Bad News...Mission 3 Is Postponed Due To Injury

I strained my wrist yesterday attempting an ill-fated right hook against a punching bag in my gym. Actually, this is the second time this has happenned as I broke my thumb last year doing the same thing!

Day 136: M2 Judgement Day - Is This A Six-Pack?

Today your votes will decide if my mid-scetion qualifies as a six-pack. Only if the Yes votes are greater will I go on my pre-booked holiday to Phuket.


Day 134: M2 Judgement Day - 48 Hour Countdown

Why has it been 54,000 hours since I last had a six-pack? Why am I having a public vote on whether I go to Phuket or not? Why am I doing any of this? All the answers are in this movie.


Day 128: M2 Judgement Day - My $1500 Phuket Trip On The Line

Your votes will decide whether my midsection qualifies as a six-pack on M2 Judgement Day: March 24, 2007. I will only go to Phuket if the YES votes are greater than the No votes. I am totally pumped to make this six-pack appear!


Day 118: Google Lock-Down & EarthQuake Intensity!

An insane week! Google lock-down, Gym lock-out, Personal Trainer certification course, Phuket trip booked, new pair 78 cm jeans and EarthQuake Intensity.


Day 100: My Fat Loss Journey - 3 Years In 3 Minutes

3 years of pain, shame, sacrifice AND joy compressed into 3 minutes. As hard as it is to put my July 2003 picture on display I'm uploading this because I feel it may benefit some people who are on a fat loss journey to see that it is possible to turn your life around.


Day 95: Mission 2 Fat Loss Goal & Power Of Visualization

Includes the inside story of Day 85 on Mission 1 and why I went 'bananas' for 6 days after I finished that 12 week period. I also talk about how to harness the power of your subconscious mind through visualization.

Day 85: Mission 1 Complete - Did I Get A Six-Pack For My Birthday?

Time to unwrap and find out if I got a six-pack for my 33rd birthday.


Day 77: Fat Loss Mission 1 - The Final Countdown

G'day, This video is Day 77 of my 12 week/84 day fat loss challenge. Right here, right now is the final countdown!


Day 70: Fat Loss Mission 1 - Thank You To My Mentors

G'day, This video is Day 70 (of 84) of my 12 Week Fat Loss Challenge. I wanted to say a special thanks to everyone who has supported me on my fat loss journey.


2005 Flashback: Day 1 Of Another Failed Weight Loss Attempt

Oh man! This is painful to watch but I'm putting this out there to show anyone on a weight loss journey that no matter how many times you "fail" you can always learn from your experience, and make it harden your resolve the next time.

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