Monday, February 12, 2007

Day 96: I Need A Calf Muscle Transplant!


Man oh Man...I thought yesterday was bad. Well, that is nothing compared to the pain I feel today. My calf muscles are in a world of hurt, I can barely walk.

I guess I underestimated the effect of taking 6 days off. Your body really is a fluid being, it is always adjusting and adapting to the stimulus (or lack of) that you give it.

Of course, the stimuli is just not restricted to weight training, but also cardio, nutrition and what you implant into your mind. Actually, did you catch the video I put out yesterday on using visualization? I've got a great response from this video judging by the emails I got.

I believe harnessing the power of your mind to assist (not hamper) you on a fat loss journey really is the "missing link." Looking back, this was the key difference in my Mission 1 success compared to the previous 6 years of failed attempts. I'm gonna write more on this very important topic in the future.

Below are M2 Day 6 pics for February 12, 2007.


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