Sunday, March 18, 2007

RTP Website Links & Resources: Overview


On this page is a collection of links to other sites I have in my right hand navigation bar. I have done this to to make it easy for you to decide which sites you would like to visit.

I have divided these links into different categories with a short explanation to give you a good idea of what to expect before you leave this site.

Just click on any image to go that site (or the link).

My YouTube Video Channel

You can watch my videos on this blog or at my YouTube RTP Channel where you can subscribe to my videos, make comments and interact with other YouTubers.

My BodySpace Network

I am in love with this site! BodySpace allows you to upload progress pics, a blog, stat graphs and interact with like-minded people on a fitness journey. If you are serious about fitness this is THE place to be.

My Myspace Network

This is the orginal friends network (and the best!). Whatever your interests are you can easily connect with like-minded people. My Myspace contains videos, picture slideshows and a whole heap of friends and mentors.

My Exclusive Articles

I write exclusive articles for Tom's excellent fat loss support community. You could spend days on this site and still not scratch the surface!

Natural Skincare Authority

Natural Skincare Authority
is a website I spent 3000 hours writing and researching. Back in 2005/06 I dedicated myself to exposing the truth about hazardous toxins in mainstream (and natural) personal care products. This was because I was disgusted with the major chemical corporations (aka; skin care companies) once I discovered just how toxic their products were.

The site contains 284 content pages, 3 free ebooks and a 14 day email course. For those interested I also give my specific
organic product recommendations that have personally used for the last 2 years. At the very least I recommend you can do a precautionary cross-check for hazardous ingredients in your own personal care products with the NSA toxin database.

John Waters Poetry & Music

John Waters Poetry is a collection of poems and original music my
father has written. Very powerful!

My Myspace Music Homepage

Yes its true! I am currently an unsigned artist on Myspace.
I like putting together hard beats with big bass.

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