Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day 130: My First Non-Believer!


Well it's official. I have a non-believer! For the first time since I put up my M2 Pre-Judgement Survey there is someone who doesn't think I will get a six-pack by March 24, 2007. Check it out below.

My initial reaction was, "I'm gonna show you." I've since calmed down a bit and have decided to channel this person's opinion into positive mental energy for the next 6 days during my six-pack shred mission.

Like I said yesterday there will always be doubters and skeptics. It is how you deal with negativity and challenges that defines your character.

Also, let's be real here, this is the Internet after all. It is the land of anonynimity where you are free to post and say just about anything. So, I'm not gonna worry too much. I just have to shred hard and let my mid-section do the talking.



Suzette said...

There are a lot of "naysayers" in the world, and it does help that a lot of people believe in you and beleive you can accomplish your end goal of a ripped six-pack...but ultimately it is your own belief in yourself that will propel you to fullfil your goal. You have what it takes...which is a burning desire! Here's a quote for all..."In life and in work, passionate desires produce the greatest results".

Adam Waters said...

Hi Suzette, Your comment came at just the right time. Upon reflection I didn't take the No vote too well!

The quote you gave me is so true, passionate desire does produce great results. After spending 6 years in misery I believe I have that. I will give my all for the next 6 days and trust that it is enough.

I should also focus more on the positive votes instead of the negative ones. I know that.