Saturday, March 17, 2007

Day 129: Its A Landslide!


How cool is this? My M2 Pre-Judgement Day Survey as of 5 minutes ago now shows 27 out of 27 people who believe I will get a six-pack by March 24, 2007. That's insane!

This has steeled my resolve as I enter the final 7 days of my 6-Pack shred mission.
As they say in the Biggest Loser it really is 'last chance training'. Trust me, I have long dreamed of this redemption trip to Phuket, but I will only go if the majority of people (you) feel I have earned it.

Before I sign off today I want to say a few words to you. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog as I realize we all have busy lives. That you would take a few minutes out of your daily schedule to visit this blog and leave comments really means a lot to me.

In the near future I plan to give back as much as I can to the people who have shown faith in me. Once I finish this Mission I have some cool ideas about how I can give back.

I also realize that I may come across as completely obsessed about myself and my body! Trust me, I am not on an ego trip. I started this blog as a way of keeping myself accountable to my dreams and goals.

In fact no-one had read a word of this blog until Day 42, because I never told anyone about it. I did it that way because I was (and still am) surrounded by a lot of negative people where I live and I didn't want their negative energy to sap my confidence.

Funny thing is, a lot of those same people still don't know what I am doing, and the ones who do couldn't care less either way. Just goes to show that you can't live your life based on the fear of what other people think.

Because at the end of the day it is you that has to look yourself in the mirror.

You know the truth.


Here are Day 129 pics - Mission 2 Day 39 of 46 - March 17, 2007

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