Friday, November 17, 2006

Day 10 Pics: A Cardio Surprise!

Day 10 of 84

Status - Round 1: Phase 3: Day 3


A short post today, it is nearly my bedtime here in Japan and sleep (i.e. rest) is actually very important in building a new physique.

Today was another day on my "Low-Fat" nutrition phase, just holding out for my "cheat meal" on Sunday!

I got a nice surprise today while doing "High Intensity Interval Training" on the treadmill. I was a little conservative in setting my intervals as it had been 10 days since I had done this specific kind of interval training.

I topped out at 14.5 km/h on the final 2 minute cycle and lo & behold I had plenty more left in me. This final 2 minutes, at the end of a 20 minute period usually does exactly what it is designed to do, physically destroy me, however today I felt like I could have gone on much longer.

Since I haven't been doing much cardio I can only put my increased cardio capacity down to my "Circuit Training Style" workouts over the last 10 days. By mixing in some "rest cardio" and shortening rest periods I have also increased my cardio performance.

Before I sign off for today I want to say how beneficial doing this blog has been for me while doing this physique transformation. Knowing that I have post photos every day of my progress is a strong motivational and self-accountability factor. I highly recommend this to anyone out there reading these words.

That's all for today, see you tomorrow.

Peace, AJ

P.S Here are Day 10 pics for November 17, 2006

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