Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day 91: M2 Day 1 - Let's Get It On!

Day 91
M2: Mission 2, Day 1
Status: Round 1, Phase 1, Day 1
Goal: 5% Bodyfat with increase in muscularity
Vision: Kickin' it in Phuket with a totally shredded six-pack. Check it to your left!
Time: 46 Days: Feb/7/07 to Mar/24/07
Tools: BFFM; Metabolic Surge; Best Ab Exercises


Just imagine...a totally shredded rock-hard six-pack while chillin' on the beach in Phuket with a cocktail (non-alocoholic) in one hand and iPod in the other.

This is the vision that will carry me through the next 46 days of gut-wrenching cardio, hardcore weight-training and diet discipline.

For the time being my initial visualization picture remains as I have yet to reach that level of muscularity. You can see it above.

I gotta go now.

Here are my M2 Day 1 pics for February 7, 2007.

Peace, AJ


Anonymous said...

If i wasnt mistaken , im pretty sure you have taken steroids, as that is your secret weapon, .This is as you cant get a six pac like yours in a mont and the steroids increased metabolic rate and also insert extra fluids into your muscle to make you look toned up

Adam Waters said...

Hi Anonymous,

What you have just said is a very serious accusation.
I have some questions for you.

Why won't you put your name to your comment? What qualifications do you have to discuss steroids?
Are you a scientist or a doctor?
What kind of shape are you in?
Do you have a six-pack?
Do you what is required to get into shape in regards to training and nutrition?
Have you demonstrated this knowledge with photographic evidence?

I am not an expert in steroids, however I did do a research paper on the dangers of anabolic steriods for my personal trainer certification. The claims you make above do not make any sense at all from a scientific perspective. Steroids primarily help with muscle recovery, they do not have a metabolic effect.

For the record, I have NOT and will NOT ever take steriods. In fact, I don't even take supplements (except for protein poweder). Everything I have accomplished is due to hard work and diet discipline.

Finally, if you think decreasing bodyfat from 10.3% to 6.5% in 46 days (as I did for Mission 2) can't be done without steriods then I feel very sorry for you. What I did is not extraordinary, tens of thousands of people all over the world are doing the same thing right now WITHOUT the use of steriods.

Adam Waters