Sunday, March 18, 2007

Day 131: Focus On The Positive


Just a quick post today as I just about to head off to the gym for my second session today. I will do my standard 5 km run with the goal of beating my previous best of 26 minutes 10 seconds. I will then do 15 minutes on the recumbent bike and my abdominal workout.

Every single hour of every day is so crucial right now. I will do my absolute best to make every session session count like never before. Going by the numbers I need to burn 1000 calories a day through exercise to reach my dream of a six-pack by March 24, 2007.

Time has flown by the last few days I am really feeling the pressure now. To be honest I'm surprised at the total number of votes my M2 Pre-Judgement Day survey has gotten so far. As of 5 minutes ago there are now 51 responses!

Here are the lastest numbers.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. For all those people who voted Yes I will be thinking of you when I am on the treadmill this afternoon.

I will focus on the positive from here on in. Thanks Suzette for your comment yesterday, you really set my head straight.

Ever since my blog started getting visitors from Day 42 I have been living in a bubble surrounded by positive comments from my new online friends. Getting my first No votes yesterday totally shocked me!

In reality, I can't expect to put up a survey online and have every single person jump on board the Yes wagon. I simply have to practice what I preach and let you guys decide whether my midsection is worthy of being called a six-pack.

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!


Here is my video from Day 128 laying my Phuket trip on line.

Here are Day 131 pics for March 19, 2007. (I threw in my Day 1 pics to remind myself how far I have come and to be grateful that I have progressed since November 8, 2006).


Diane said...

Take the no as positive fuel to super charge your remaining workouts. It's all about "attitude" and what's going on in your mind - you've got it in the bag my friend. You're seeing your finish line...a personal best that only some people dream about, but never experience - you're an example that it can be done!

Suzette said...

Absolutely, it's about your attitude! I have learned this first hand. I have been on my own fitness journey the past six months, and have gotten the positive compliments and those positive comments sure do help...focus on those positives. Isn't it great to have such positive energy coming your way from around the globe?!

Adam Waters said...

Thanks Diane and Suzette,

Your positive words of encouragement definitely help me on my last few days of this mission. I'll be thinking of your positive vibes as I run 50 Km's in the last 5 days to shred that last layer of fat.

Take care, and see you at the 'finish line'