Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Day 371 Video: Guess What Is Inside This Box For A Prize!

G'day Shredders,

Thank you very much for all your kind "get well soon" messages yesterday. What a support network we have here in the Shredder Council!

I am nearly back to 100% from the "dodgy fish". As a precaution I decided to heed the advice of my fellow Shredders by having a rest day today. I'll definitely be back in action tomorrow (starting to get withdrawal symptoms!).

"Mystery Box" Video

As I mentioned a couple of days ago I got a "special delivery" recently. I won't give any specific hints because it would way too easy to guess then, but there are big clues on this blog in the right-hand nav bar!

Here are the boxes below...

Can You Guess What Is Inside?

If you'd like to take a stab at what is inside these 2 boxes just leave a comment in today's comment section.

The first person to guess correctly will get a free copy of the RTP Supplement Report (normally only available for purchasers of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle).

Good luck!

Until tomorrow...

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think BIG!

Adam Waters, NESTA-CPT


Joni said...

This is my shot in the dark - I think it is all of those huge pictures they blew up of you for that Japanese TV broadcast, only because I was wondering what they were going to do with them after the show and it's the first thing I saw load up on the nav bar this morning. If I'm not right, do you know what they did do with them? That would make for some interesting wallpaper :) That's the best I can think of right now, I guess we'll find out for real tomorrow...

Massimiliano said...

I agree with Joni
but my answer does not count since my wife helped me, she can read "VCR tapes inside", so the box was used by somebody who got to do with a lot VCR...TV Channel?
So if the box contains your TV pictures, the prize goes to Joni :-)

P.S. I am still waiting your 84 days e-book :-)

Celina said...

Hi Adam, great to see you fine and healthy! BTW you're looking great on that white nike long-sleeve shirt... trying to guess I think it's some kind of merchandise with the label SHREDDER COUNCIL or something like that... just trying to guess you know.. Congratulations again for the great job you're doing and I hope I will join you in your future shredding groups...

Jay said...

That was my first thought as well...that it's all those photos on the TV broadcast.

Anonymous said...

The boxes contain some of your shirts and or sweatshirts.

I don't have an account so I just say my name is Darren.

dougal said...

Some sort of Shredder "originals" clothing Adam.

Your Grateful Cyber-friend, Christy said...

It's a pony! Naturally, some assembly is required. I know, because there are ponies hiding in the picture of the map on the sidebar. :)

My second and third guesses were taken (Adam poster pics and RTP merchandise), which is fine, because I'm sure it's a pony.

Anonymous said...

Im guess im too late but I also think its the large photos from your TV Debut.

Eating clean,
shredding hard,
and thinking BIG!

My 1-2-3 Fat Loss Solution said...

Gald to hear you're feeling much better. Haven't rec'd the 84 day ebook link...when will you reveal your mission 4 plans?

Marbella said...

Hey Adam,
I think it is a hoodie(s). If not that, maybe a cassette or video of your journey.
Am so impressed by the beginning of your videos now...hey, they are soooo professional!

Raiden said...

While reading through the archives on Tom Venuto's bodybuilding secrets, he did a similar thing (Guess what's in this box!). His ended up being a Quad Blaster, some amazing contraption for doing squats that eliminates the stress on the lower back. I think his box was a little bigger than yours, and I don't see a quad blaster on the right nav bar...and there's already been a lot of good guesses, so I'm going with..."Available now in Hi Def for the first time, the complete RTP video archives, the year in the life of Adam Waters, on Blu-Ray and HD-DVD and ultra hi res VHS..." Ok, maybe not hi res VHS...

Tearose said...

RTP Gear! Thats my guess :)

Sammy said...

Aye, some workout machine? Oooh I know!

Alright, I don't know...

Andrew said...

Hey Mate,

Glad to hear you are back on track, it would have to be a pretty mean virus to set ou back for any length of time!!

Well what can I guess, I am surprised Christy missed the opportunity here based on some of the comments she has left me!! Only joking Christy, I really love them.

The box you were holding was pretty light so I'm gonna have to say some RTP blow up abs to send to us so we can stop shredding ;-))

Joking aside I think Joni took it on the first comment, definatley the pics from the show and some vids they took.

Take care,


James said...

That was also what I was going to say since coming from Japan cannot be the RTP gears since they are from CAFEPRESS.COM based in the US. And yes the SONY BETACAM box gave it basically away and if I remember well in one of your post you said you were going to try to get them (the pictures) and maybe there's also a videotape of the show so that you can transfer it in digital format for internet viewing (even if you've already done it, their tape has a better quality)

Adam Waters said...

Great guesses Shredders! The correct answer is in these comments and will be revealed in 10 minutes when I post the Day 372 Blog entry.


P.S. I think the intro gave it away!