Sunday, January 21, 2007

Day 74: Great News! I'm Fixed...and So Is My Computer!

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I apologize for yesterday's short post. While I didn't have a great day it could have been much worse. My day started off good with HIIT cardio and abs in the morning. I am now pushing the outer limits of my endurance level with cardio, I'm definitely in uncharted waters, far surpassing anything I achieved in my 'glory days' six years ago.

My ab workouts are also becoming far more intense due to the increased strength in my abdominal region and lower back. I have perfected a new workout that is a cross between a 'lay down' and a 'hip up'. Of course I am still following David Grisaffi's "Six-Pack In Six-Weeks" eBook as well. If you want to learn more about his eBook check out "Adam's Bible of Fitness Mentors" in the sidebar.

Ok, now onto the rest of my day. When I got home from my workout my laptop decided not to play ball. It insisted on a firmware update without loading into the login screen. However, on the 4th attempt I was able to get in and boot from my external hard drive. That was a sigh of relief because EVERYTHING I have created and collected over the last 5 years is on my computer. I mean everything, all my images, documents, applications, mail, etc.

My laptop is a PowerBook G4, and recently it has been running a little ordinary with the occasional freeze and weird command. This is because it is running very low on HD space. In fact, I have been saving my pennies for a new desktop computer for the last 6 months, ever since Apple switched to Intel.

Well, today I decided to follow my own advice and take "massive action" and get a new computer already! So I did, I got myself a new iMac 24 inch desktop. This machine is a work of art, however I haven't really been able to do much yet because I am still in the process of transferring my old files over. I'll give you an unbiased review when I get that done.

For my own amusement I have placed "before & after" pictures of my computer workspace below.

Later that afternoon my day took another turn for the worse.

I had some "bad salmon" in the afternoon and paid the price for it later that night when I attended a ¥4,500 ($40) a head dinner.

I was feeling so bad that I only had one salad and some lean protein. By the time I got home my stomach was in knots and dealing me very sharp jabbing pains for over 3 hours.

My stomach eventually settled down by midnight. By the time I woke up this morning I was feeling back to my best.

So much so that I went to the gym again this morning to fulfill my pre-determined workout of HIIT cardio and ab training. So, all's well now.

Before I sign off I also want to say thank you to the many people who sent me emails asking how I was. I really appreciate your concern.

Here are Day 74 pics for January 21, 2007.

Peace, AJ

P.S. Tomorrow I promise I will finally reveal the amazing story of how I discovered my fat loss training program, as well as the guy behind it.

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