Monday, July 02, 2007

Day 236: Totally Exhausted


I'll be real quick today as I barely have enough energy to even write these words.

I crashed out again when I came home from work today, before dragging myself to the gym a few hours later.

Like I said a few days ago, the early stages of a physique transformation can be challenging as it is quite a shock to the system in terms of muscle soreness, energy levels, diet discipline and employing delayed gratification.

Basically, you must have faith in your ability to transform your physique in the long term in the absence of "spectacular" short term results.

Anyway, I must get some sleep now.

Adam Waters

P.S.Below are Day 236 pics for July 2, 2007.


Jamie said...

Hi Adam, do you want to do a link swap with my blog?

Adam Waters said...

Sure mate, can you give me the details.


Karlos said...

Hey , I dont know if you know, but there is something wrong with your Ask Adam section, it keeps saying that i'm typing the wrong word and i'm sure i'm not.... but anyways here goes my message ....
Hey Adam, Lately I've been feeling weak, not out or energy, but out of strength, the first week when I started, I was able to lift heavier weight. Did this ever happen to you?

Adam Waters said...

Hi Karlos,

I checked the "Ask Adam" Contact Form and it seems to be working ok for me. Anyway, in regards to your question, This has happenned to me before (when I was on vaction) I did some analysis of my training/nutrition log and discovered the problem was that I was getting too low on daily caloric intake.

How are your calories now compared to last week?


Karlos said...

They are lower, I havent been feeling hungry or anything, but I guess it shows on the weightroom...

right now i'm between 1700-1800 calories a day, at that place where i got my fat tested they told me my bmr was 2000.... but yeah, i'll up the calories this weak and if that doesnt work i'll probably cut down on the workingout, i think i might be overdoing it...
thanks for the kelp, and keep up the good work..