Monday, January 29, 2007

Day 82 Pics: Run Rabbit Run!

Day 82 of 84

Status: Round 8: Phase 3: Day 3

Here are Day 82 pics for January 29, 2007.


Run rabbit run! As well as being the song that pumps me up before a weight-training workout this is also my motto for the next 3 days.

Why? Well rabbits run fast and running fast this is the staple of my HIIT cardio workout. For the last 3 days (and for the next two) I am doing daily HIIT cardio on the treadmill (along with swimming, boxing, skipping and cycling).

While this may sound extreme I am at the point now where burning fat is my over-riding priority (even at the expense of muscle) as I attempt to reveal the last two rows of my six-pack in the last 2 days before my self-imposed deadline.

But be warned, this technique may not work for everybody. It can backfire when you maintain this kind of regime for too long by shredding your hard-earned muscle.

In the last week I have actually come up with a new twist on conventional "Interval Training" by increasing my maximum level and shortening my lower levels. I can now burn just as many calories in 12 minutes that I used in 20 minutes! Oh how I love time efficiency.

Now what else do rabbits do? They eat clean! As you know from my previous posts I made a pact with myself to eat clean for the last 24 days leading up to January 31st, 2007. I am practicing what I preach in regards to "progressive discipline."

During the first 8 weeks this kind of nutrition discipline would have been unthinkable, but once you get "in the zone" you will amaze even yourself.

I have taken approach to a whole new level (at least as far as I'm concerned) where I have even made microscopic changes to my clean days. For example, a staple of my diet is the fabled tuna salad. At the beginning I used to have TWO large dollops of ceasar sauce and croutons with my salad to make it palatable. Now, I have half a dollop of ceasar and NO croutons!

Finally, rabbits have really fast metabolisms and right now mine is cranked so high that I'm burning fat on a daily basis. I am losing hundreds of grams of fat every single day now. This is because my metabolism is burning like a furnace due to my HIIT cardio, weight training and clean nutrition.

Ok, I must go to bed now and get a full 8 hours sleep to prepare my body, mind and soul for tomorrow's double whammy of "muscle rounds" part 2 (today was part 1) and HIIT cardio.

Peace, AJ

Eat Clean,
Shred Hard,
Think Big!

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