Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day 95: DOMS Has Struck!


DOMS has struck...I am totally gone! My calves and hammies are screaming at me right now, "Adam, what have you done to us?" In particular my calves are very sore, if you have ever done intensive calf training you know exactly what I'm talking about.

What is DOMS you ask? Well, the exact meaning is Delayed Onset muscle Soreness. If you have ever done any kind of exercise after a layoff you know what I'm talking about.

You know the feeling you get when it is a struggle just to get out of bed or even bend down to tie your shoelaces. I used to get DOMS a lot when I played tennis on and off over the last few years. I just didn't have a base level of fitness during this time so I always paid the price the next day.

Now, of course the news is not all bad, actually DOMS is good for you during a physique transformation. This is because if you don't get DOMS at least in the early stages it means you haven't pushed yourself hard enough.

As your body becomes used to the pummeling it is taking in the gym DOMS will gradually subside to a light ache. If at any time you have zero soreness after a workout, one, two or three days later it is a sign that you need to increase your intensity.

Finally, there is a big difference between DOMS and injury. Obviously, you must be the judge of which one it is if you major soreness that continues more than a few days. If you think you have sustained an injury take some time off and see a doctor.

Ok, time for me to get some rest, I have my Lactic Acid Part 2 (Lower Body) workout tomorrow. I switched my LT and cardio around today to give my legs another day to recover.

Actually, my legs didn't get off easy as today my cardio session was my self-designed Hybrid Cardio HIIT which consisted of treadmill and swimming hybrid style...very hardcore!

Below are Day 95: M2 Day 5 pictures for February 11, 2007.



Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
First off, Great Job on Mission 1.
You have my full support on #2.
I have 2 questions of my own since I am also on my own transformation.
1. Could you detail your cardio workout? I know what HIIT is, I'm curious to know your intervals and duration.
2. I see that you mentioned Metabolic Surge in a previous post, and I was wondering how effective that ebook was for you.
Thx, and I hope to hear from you soon and again, Terrific Job on your accomplishments!

Adam Waters said...


Thanks for your comment & support. My cardio workouts have evolved from straight up HIIT to a combo of two types on any given day.

I mix Tier 1 cardio like treadmill, recumbant bike & skipping and Tier 2 cardio like swimming, boxing and cycling.

I do one of each to mix it up so I don't get a 'runners body' like last time when I focused too heavily on the treadmill.

Metabolic Surge worked great for me. If you want to read more about my experience with it check this post out Day 75: Nick Nilson's Power Surge